This is one of a series of articles dealing with the Rutherford and Alleine Connection for the Katherine Rutherford (c1682-1738), wife of John Walker II (c1682-1734) of the Wigton Walker line. An index to the principal articles in this series is provided below:

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This particular article deals with whether or not John Rutherford, Katherine Rutherford's father, served in the Army of William III following the The Glorious Revolution, fought at the Battle of the Boyne and received land in Ireland as a reward for his service.

We have two sources for this information: a) WKR and b) KRD. According to WKR

Rev. John Rutherford and a brother were captains in the army of William III. They participated in the crushing defeat of the Irish in the battle of the Boyne and were awarded service lands in Ireland for their service. Rev. John Rutherford settled in Down County, Ireland....'

KRD simply states:

JOHN, a Presbyterian minister, fought at the Boyne and settled in Co. Down.

Neither KRD nor WKR cite their sources for this information. It is worth noting that as regards to John's Service in the Williamite Wars, KRD adds nothing over what WKR has to say, and it seems plausible that WKR is his source. Even if that is accepted, we still have no indication where this particular idea came from. No other known source, including White, 1902 seems to speak to the family history of John Rutherford.

Information Need: Primary source material needs to be examined to see if there is any evidence that a Rev. John Rutherford participatd in the Williamite Wars, was at the Battle of the Boyne, and received land for his services.

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