Question120px-Circle-question-blue.svg S-33-114 Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA


  • Location: From downtown McCormick, take US-221/SC-28 SE to SC-283; take SC-283 E to S-33-138; take S-33-138 N to S-33-114; take S-33-114 W; going 0.9 miles W on S-33-114, S-33-436 goes S; going approximately 0.4 W of S-33-436 on S-33-114, S-33-114 crosses a creek. Cemetery is located S of S-33-114 less than 0.1 mile W of S-33-436.
  • Condition: abandoned, unkept and overgrown

Attempts to LocateEdit

24 November 2001

This cemetery was located using a SC DNR map which showed a cemetery at this location. The existence of a cemetery was confirmed by speaking with a local gentleman who said he had heard that a cemetery was in this area. After searching through the brush, trees and brambles, several field stones were located, embedded in the ground vertically. No markings were visible on these stones. There was no other evidence of burials.

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