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130. Paul Livermore (Elisha, Jonas, Daniel, John, John) was born June 28, 1783, in Auburn [Mass.]; died May 9, 1869, in Providence, R.I.; married March 16, 1808, in Leicester [Mass.], Sally, daughter of James Snow, died Dec. 6, 1875, in Millbury [Mass.], aged 84 years. He first settled on the homestead in Oxford, where he built a new house in 1812. He emigrated to Lisle, N.Y., returning later to Millbury and then to Providence. Children born in Massachusetts. (Thwing, 1902)

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  1. Louisa Livermore (1808-1870) - b. 10-Oct-1808 in Oxford, MA, 11-Mar-1830 to Joseph Bancroft in Millbury (he was born there 13-Jun-1804).  She died in Millbury 20-Mar-1870.
  2. Addison Livermore (1809-1869) - b. 9-Dec-1809 in Oxford, MA - m. Susan Partridge who died 14-May-1869 in Providence R.I. aged 55 years.
  3. Edwin Livermore (1813-1871) - b. 21-Jan-1813 in Oxford, MA - d. 5-Jan-1871 in Millbury; m. Mercy Hume, daughter of Josiah Hume and Betsey Davis of Millbury. Mercy was b. 26-May-1813 in New Salem and d. 20-Feb-1879.
  4. Persis Livermore (b1815) - daughter - b. 8-Jan-1815 in Oxford, MA; in 1837 m. to Hiram Kenney who was born 30-Dec-1814 in Millbury. No Children.
  5. Roxana Livermore (b1816) - daughter - b. 16-Nov-1816 in Oxford, MA - m. Whipple Willard in 6-Oct-1833 at Millbury, MA
  6. Mary Amanda Livermore (b1818)- daughter
  7. Chauncey Livermore (b1822) - son b. in 1822, m. 6-Jan-1846 in Worcester Co to Catherine Wesson, daughter of William Wesson, born in 1812.

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