Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen of Vanse
7707037 108268786982
Sex: Female
Birth: March 27, 1862 (1862-03-27) (156 years ago)
Farsund, Norway
Baptism: June 8, 1862
Vanse parish
Farsund, Norway
Death: December 18, 1914 (age 52)
104 years ago
Kristiansand, Norway
Burial: Vanse parish
Farsund, Norway
Father: Ole Mattias Pedersen (1822-1914)
Mother: Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1864)
Siblings: Peder Matthias Olsen (1849-1896)
Sofie Marie Pedersen (1852-1924) Nilsen
Teodor Johan Olsen (1852-?)
Josette Teresia Olsdatter (1855-?)
Otto Olson (1858-1921)
Lena Elaine Olson (1860-1938) Jensen
Spouse/Partner: John Edward Winblad I (1856-1914)
Marriage: January 14, 1883 (age 20)
135 years ago
Oslo, Norway
Children: Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975)
Theodora Winblad (1888)
Mary Winblad (1889)
Otto Edward Winblad (1892)
Maria Elisabeth Winblad II (1895-1987)
John Edward Winblad II (1897-1899)
Otto Perry Winblad (1902-1977)
Pedersen-Salmine 02a

Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914) in 1911 in Cuba

Winblad Cuba 04b

1911 Winblads and Lattins near Santa Barbara on the Isle of Pines in Cuba

Pedersen-Salmine 1914 funeral

Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914) aka Salmina Sophia Severine Olesdatter. She was born in Farsund, Norway to a baker and she emigrated in 1884 to New York City, New York, USA. In 1910 she moved to Cuba and died in 1914 of a heart attack on a trip back to Farsund when her father was dying. (b. March 27, 1862, Braekne farm, Vanse parish, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway - d. December 18, 1914, Saint Josef's Hospital, Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway)


Salmine took the name "Salmine Pedersen" when she emigrated to the United States. Her sister would take the name "Lina Olson" also spelled as "Lena Olson"; and her brother would take the name "Otto Olson" also written as "Ottan Olson", when they emigrated.



Salmine was born in 1862. She may have been born on Braekne farm. Ole was a baker in Farsund.


Salmine was christened on June 08, 1862 in Farsund parish in Farsund under the name "Salmine Sofie Severine Olesdatter".



Salmine and her sister, Hannah Eline received the smallpox vaccine on March 25, 1864 by Dr. Buch. She was 2 years old at the time and her sister was 4.

Death of motherEdit

Thea died around 1865 and Ole raised the seven living children on his own and he never remarried.

Kirkegaden Street, Farsund, NorwayEdit

Salmine appeared in the 1865 Norway Census under the name "Salmine Sopie Olsdatter". She was living at 39 and 40 "Kirkegaden" Street in Farsund in the home of her widowed father, Ole. Living just a few doors away at 36 Kirkegaden Street was Ole's brother: Peder Andreas Pedersen (1831-?), who was also working as a baker.


Salmine was confirmed in the Lutheran Church on October 01, 1876 in Farsund parish. Her name at confirmation was "Salmine Sofie Severine".


She married John Edward Winblad I (1856-1914) of Sweden, on January 14, 1883 in Oslo, Norway. John was the son of Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901), a schoolteacher; and Elsa Maria Elisabeth Näslund (1829-1907). John had run away from home, rather than train to become a minister in the Lutheran Church. He became a ship's mate, and his travels eventually brought him to Farsund, Norway.


She appeared to be traveling outside Norway with her father, Ole, on September 4, 1884. She was listed as "Salmine Wemmeland" in the Norwegian Emigrants Register for Kristiansand on this trip, and this may be a phonetic spelling of her married name "Winblad". She was leaving from Kristiansand.


There were seven children and only three lived to adulthood:

Manhattan, New YorkEdit

In 1886 the family was living at 540 Canal Street in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York City. On April 27, 1894 Salmine, and her son Anton, were returning from Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway and they were listed in the Norwegian Emigrants Index as "Vinblad". She arrived in New York on May 09, 1894 via Liverpool and Queenstown as "Salimini Vinblad".

Jersey City, New JerseyEdit

Around 1898 they had a custom house built in Jersey City, New Jersey and they moved there to be in a more countrified setting. During the 1900 United States Census they were living at 437 Wayne Street in Jersey City in their new house. The house is no longer extant and appears to have been knocked down to build a new house.

Norway tripEdit

On August 2, 1901 John Winblad was in Kristiansand, Norway returning to the United States. It is not known if Salmine was with him. John's father died on October 30, 1901.

Suicide of Anton's fiancéEdit

Jersey Journal; Jersey City, New Jersey; February 26, 1910:

"Wedding Deferred; Commits Suicide. Prospective Bride-to-be, Fiance Gone, Takes Own Life in Grief. The postponement of the date set for her marriage to Anton Winblad, with whose parents she lived at 437 Wayne Street, caused Clara Minnie Olsen, 22 years old, to commit suicide by inhaling illuminating gas in her bedroom yesterday afternoon. The woman who is barely 22 years of age was discovered by Mrs. Selmine Winblad who detected the deathly fumes of gas coming from the bedroom. The girl was lying one the bed with one end of the gas tube fastened between her teeth and the other was connected to the gas jet over her head. Mrs. Winblad terrified at the sight of the body of the young girl ran out to the street and found Patrolman Johnson of the Seventh Precinct, whom she sent for a physician. When he examined the body the doctor said that the girl had been dead for some time. Six years ago at the death of her mother, when the suicide was left with a younger sister and brother an orphan, the Winblads took Minnie Olsen into their home. Her sister Julia, who is now 17 years of age, was sent to a home for orphans and her brother John became an apprentice in the navy. The girl was treated as a daughter by their friends and during the course of her stay at the home of the good people she fell in love with Anton, the only son of the Winblads, The couple were engaged to marry and the date was agreed upon, but Anton left the home of his parents and went to Cuba, where he is now. Since his departure from her side the young woman began to grieve for Anton and then, too, the news which she received through various sources that all was not well with her brother and sister, completely unnerved her and her suicide was the consequence. The funeral services will be conducted by I. L. P. Dietrichson, pastor of Trinity Scandinavian Lutheran Church at Monmouth and Colgate streets, who knew the girl as one of his own children. Miss Olsen Sunday School of the church."

Isle of Pines, CubaEdit

In 1910 John and Salmine joined Anton near Santa Barbara on the Isle of Pines in Cuba. They may have bought a citrus plantation. On April 3, 1910 the family appeared on the census in Jersey City without Anton. On April 17, 1910 Salmine's son, Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975), married Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939) on Long Island. The family oral tradition was that they met in Cuba. On June 24, 1910 the house in Jersey City was sold. The family's many trips returning from Cuba and Norway are recorded in the passenger lists for New York harbor and several trips are recorded in the Norway passenger lists. Salmine returned to New York City from Cuba, alone, on August 08, 1911. John and Salmine's children Maria and Otto spent about a year and a half in Cuba and returned to Jersey City, New Jersey on March 26, 1912. Anton became the postmaster for Santa Barbara around 1914.

Daughter's weddingEdit

John and Salmine returned to New Jersey to attend Maria's wedding to Arthur Oscar Freudenberg I (1891-1968) on February 28, 1914.

Trip to NorwayEdit

Salmine and Johan, and their son, Otto Winblad, went to Farsund in 1914. Salmine's sister, Lena Olson, joined them that year in Norway. They most likely went for the death of Salmine's father.

Death of FatherEdit

Her father, Ole Mathias Pedersen, died on August 24, 1914. He was 92 years old.

Death of husbandEdit

John Winblad, her husband, died on September 24, 1914 in Klugeland. He died of "cancer" just one month after the death of his father-in-law. Lena Olson, Salmine's sister, returned to the US from Norway on September 30, 1914, just six days after John's death.


Salmine died of a heart attack on December 18, 1914, just 11 weeks after her husband died of cancer. She died at Saint Josef's Hospital, Kristiansand, Norway.


Salmine was buried on December 22, 1914 in the Vanse Church Cemetery in Farsund. She was buried with her husband. Their tombstones have not been located yet, and may have been recycled.

Otto WinbladEdit

Otto Winblad, now parentless returned to the United States on July 06, 1915 from Norway. On that same day, Otto's brother Anton, and Anton's wife Eva, returned from Cuba to meet Otto Winblad in New York City. Otto was the only passenger on the ship.

Other relatives in the United StatesEdit

Salmine had several cousins that came over from Farsund. The first was: Jakob Elias Willumsen (1853-1928). Jakob was the son of Oleana Andrea Pedersdatter (1819-1912) and he settled in Minnesota. Oleana was the aunt of Salmine. The second was: Inga Pedersen (1885-1927) who married Emil August Schneider (1884-1955) and lived in Jersey City, New Jersey. Inga was the daughter of Peder Pedersen (1831-?), who was the brother of her Ole Pedersen. Inga's sister, Matilda Sophia Pedersen, came over with her two children: Clara Schultz; and Sigrid Andreassen. They all lived with Inga in Jersey City.

Research on Salmine Sophia Severine PedersenEdit

  • Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) paid Kari G. Jensen, a genealogist at Glitregata 15, 3600 Kongsberg, Norway $60 to do research on Salmine and her family. She wrote in December of 1998: "Born 27 March 1862, christened 8 June Salmine Sofie Severine. Parents: Baker Ole Matthias Pedersen and Thea Johanne Pedersen. Her grade was "Good". The priest listed her as having been vaccinated 15 March 1864, but it was actually 25 April 1864. I then searched for the parents' marriage, but was unable to find it. Because of that I started looking for more children in order to find how far back they could have been married, and also if there were any witnesses from other parishes, to indicated if the mother was born elsewhere. As you probably know, the marriage was normally performed where the bride was living. I found the following children: Joletta Terefia, born 9 November 1855 at Vestre Vatne, christened 2 December. Ottan, born 9 February 1858 at Vestre Vatne, christened 21 March. Hanne Eline, born 13 February 1860 at Vestre Vatne, christened 3 June. Joletta had a witness, Jakob Torstensen who was from Egersund in Rogaland. This could be Tea’s brother, and so the next step would be to search there for her and their marriage. I have also searched the census in Vanse, to look for them, so I could find out where they were from, but I couldn't find them. This is not very significant, but it could indicate they have moved out of the parish. Personally I think the best way to search for them is to look in Egersund for a marriage."


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Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914)'s ancestors in three generations
Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914) Father:
Ole Mathias Pedersen (1822-1914)
Paternal Grandfather:
Peder Andreas Hansen (1790-1849) of Log
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Hans Hansen II (1749-1798) of Log
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Pernille Helene Pedersdatter (1762-?) of Meberg
Paternal Grandmother:
Maren Sophia Olsdatter (1791-1868) of Gullestad
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Ole Svensen (1762-1819) of Øye Øvre
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Anne Olsdatter (1762-1851) of Eigeland
Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1864)
Maternal Grandfather:
Torsten Christophersen (1786-aft1825) of Vetteland
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Kristoffer Mikkelssen (1744-1826) of Hustoft
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Giertrud Gardsdatter (1752-1841) of Heigrestad
Maternal Grandmother:
Johanne Jacobsdatter (1795-?) of Lindtjørn
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Jakob Gunnarsen (1764-1838) of Lindtjørn
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Gitlou Tollaksdatter (1773-1808) of Lindtjørn

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