Research on Salmine Sophia Severine PedersenEdit

Kari G. Jensen, genealogist, of Glitregata 15, 3600 Kongsberg, Norway, December 1998 writes: "Born 27 March 1862, christened 8 June Salmine Sofie Severine. Parents: Baker Ole Matthias Pedersen and Thea Johanne Pedersen. Her grade was "Good". The priest listed her as having been vaccinated 15 March 1864, but it was actually 25 April 1864. I then searched for the parents' marriage, but was unable to find it. Because of that I started looking for more children in order to find how far back they could have been married, and also if there were any witnesses from other parishes, to indicated if the mother was born elsewhere. As you probably know, the marriage was normally performed where the bride was living. I found the following children: Joletta Terefia, born 9 November 1855 at Vestre Vatne, christened 2 December. Ottan, born 9 February 1858 at Vestre Vatne, christened 21 March. Hanne Eline, born 13 February 1860 at Vestre Vatne, christened 3 June. Joletta had a witness, Jakob Torstensen who was from Egersund in Rogaland. This could be Tea’s brother, and so the next step would be to search there for her and their marriage. I have also searched the census in Vanse, to look for them, so I could find out where they were from, but I couldn't find them. This is not very significant, but it could indicate they have moved out of the parish. Personally I think the best way to search for them is to look in Egersund for a marriage."

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