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Chronology of Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914):

  • 1862 Birth of Salmine Pedersen in Vanse, Farsund kommune, Vest-Agder, Norway on March 27th
  • 1864 Immunization on April 25th
  • 1876 Confirmation in Vanse, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway on October 1st (age 14)
  • 1883 Marriage to John Edward Winblad
  • 1884 Travel from Kristiansand, Norway to New York, USA on September 4th
  • 1886 Living at 540 Canal St., Manhattan, New York City, New York Co., New York
  • 1886 Birth of Anthony (Tony) Winblad, her first child, at 540 Canal St., Manhattan, New York City
  • 1888 Blizzard leaves 40 inches of snow in New York and New Jersey on March 11th to 12th
  • 1894 Salmine leaves Kristiansand, Norway for USA with son Anton on April 27th
  • 1895 Living at 294 West Houston Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York Co., NY
  • 1895 Birth of Maria Elizabeth Winblad, her second child, in New York on February 16th
  • 1897 Birth of John Edward Winblad II on August 28th
  • 1898 Spanish American War opens Cuba to US
  • 1899 Living at 437 Wayne Street, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • 1899 Death of John (Eddie) Edward Winblad, her third child, in Jersey City on September 24th
  • 1900 Living at 437 Wayne Street, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ
  • 1900 US Census with John Edward Winblad as Head of Household on June 5th
  • 1901 John Winblad leaves Kristiansand, Norway for US on August 2nd
  • 1902 Birth of Otto Winblad, her fourth child, in Jersey City, New Jersey on August 5th
  • 1907 Isle of Pines no longer a US protectorate
  • 1909 Move to Cuba of Jarvis Andrew Lattin and Mary Jane Puckett
  • 1910 Marriage of Eva Ariel Lattin to Anton Julius Winblad, in Farmingdale, NY on April 17th
  • 1910 Living at 437 Wayne Street, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ on April 23rd
  • 1910 US Census with John Edward Winblad as Head of Household on April 23rd
  • 1910 Sale of 437 Wayne Street, Jersey City, NJ on June 24th
  • 1910 Salmine, John, Anton and possibly Otto move to Isle of Pines, Cuba from NJ
  • 1911 (circa) Maria Winblad visits Cuba
  • 1911 Birth of Norman Winblad, her first grandchild, in Cuba on May 23rd
  • 1911 Salmine returns from Cuba alone, aboard "Saratoga" on August 8th
  • 1912 Maria and Otto Winblad return from Cuba on March 26th
  • 1912 Birth of Anthony Leroy Winblad, her second grandchild, in Cuba on September 9th
  • 1914 Marriage of Maria Winblad, her daughter, to Arthur Freudenberg on February 28th
  • 1914 Move to Farsund Kommune, Vest-Agder, Norway with Otto Winblad, Maria stays in NJ
  • 1914 Death of John Winblad in Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway on September 24th
  • 1914 Salmine's sister Lena returns from Norway on September 30th
  • 1914 Death of Salmine Sophia Severine Petersen on December 18th
  • 1915 Otto Winblad returns to Jersey City from Norway to live with his sister on July 6th
  • 1915 Anton and Eva along with her brothers: Teddy and Dewey return from Cuba on July 6th
  • 1925 Isle of Pines claimed by Cuba
Source: Richard Arthur Norton, 2004

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