Biography Edit

Vital Statistics Edit

Children of Saloma and Alfred Eddy Edit

It seems that most children were born in Bradford Co, PA

  1. Lucy Eddy (1849-1918)
  2. William Eddy (1852-1908)
  3. Varney Eddy (1857-1893)
  4. Elwood Eddy (1859-1910)
  5. George Eddy (b1863)
  6. Alonzo Eddy (b1867) - at age 19 he m. Mellie Schrader in Bradford Co. on 29-Jun-1887.

References Edit

1870 US Census Edit

Census for West Burlington Twp, Bradford Co, Penn, 12-July 1870.

  • Alford Eddy (M) Age 48 : Ocp-Farmer
  • Saloma Eddy (F) Age 44
  • A.V. Eddy (M) Age 12
  • J.A. Eddy (M) Age 2
  • Jacob Eddy (M) Age 11
  • W.W. Eddy (M) Age 17 : Ocp-Farmer

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