Ancestors of Samuel Johansson Bogman

Generation No. 1

1. Samuel Johansson Bogman, born ca 1655 in Ö. Ryd?, Stockholm, Sweden; died 1714 in Giresta, Uppsala, Sweden. He was the son of 2. Johan Danielsson. He married (1) Catharina Leufstadia. She was born ca 1673 in Veckholm?, and died 1739. She was the daughter of Andreas Magni Leufstadius and Brita Fornalia. He married (2) NN Mårtensdotter Lång 1674. She was born ca 1660 in Ö. Ryd?, Stockholm, Sweden, and died ca 1676. He married (3) Helena Persdotter Wircknæa (c1659-c1700) 9 Feb 1676/77 in Ö. Ryd, Stockholm, Sweden. She was born ca 1659, and died ca 1700 in Giresta, Uppsala, Sweden. She was the daughter of Petrus Erlandi Wircknæus and Ebba Barbro Pedersdotter.

More About Samuel Johansson Bogman:

AKA: Samuel Johannis Boghman

Occupation: Pastor et Præpositus i Giresta & Gryta, Uppsala

Occupation: 1676, Präst i Giresta

Occupation: 18 May 1680, Prästvigd i Uppsala

Occupation: 8 May 1689, Kyrkoherden i Giresta

More About Samuel Bogman and Helena Wircknæa: Marriage: 9 Feb 1676/77, Ö. Ryd, Stockholm, Sweden

Generation No. 2

2. Johan Danielsson, died 10 May 1674 in Ö. Ryd?, Stockholm, Sweden.

More About Johan Danielsson: Occupation: probably Befallningsman


Children with Helena Wircknæa Edit

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