Samuel M. Morrison (1837-1864)
Samuel M. Morrison
Sex: Male
Birth: December 21, 1837
Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Death: August 30, 1864
Burial: New Hagerstown,
Carroll County, Ohio
Father: Alexander Morrison (1808-1853)
Mother: Sarah Ann Johnston (1811-1888)
Siblings: Martha B. Morrison (c1840-?)
John T. Morrison (c1842-?)
Nancy E. Morrison (1844-1871)
Mary J. Morrison (1846-1872)
Margaret E. Morrison (1850-1938)
Alexander J. Morrison (1853-1932)
Sarah B. Morrison (?-?)

Samuel was a teacher in western Ohio until he enlisted for the Union Army in the Civil War. He fought at Fort Donelson, Fort Shiloh and other places. He was later transferred to a gunboat and were in the vicinity of Vicksburgh, at the time of the surrender. Samuel was wounded, took sick with pneumonia, and his life was sacrificed for his country. He was then a Major.

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