Samuel Messerli
Sex: Male
Baptism: 25 Mar 1763 Rueggisberg, Bern, Switzerland [1]
Father: David Messerli (bef1732)
Mother: Elsbeth Imhof
Spouse/Partner: Anna Barbara Shaer (bef1776)
Marriage: Mar 1793 Rueggisberg, Bern, Switzerland [2]
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Samuel Messerli

  • Niklaus Messerly born 1792 (presumed to be Nicholas Messerly (1793) has a baptism record showing Samuel Messerli and Anna Barbara Schaer as parents.

Documentation notesEdit

  • Strange: Other than Samuel, there are no swiss death records for anyone else in this family. Not the father, not the sons. One possible explanation is that they all emigrated to the US.



Name Birthdate Birthplace/ Christening Death date Death place
Children of Samuel (1763) and Anna Barbara Shaer (bef1776)
Nicholas Messerly (1793) 1793 Rueggisberg, Bern [3] 1847 Fairfield County, Ohio
Samuel Messerli (bef1797) 1797 Rueggisberg [4] 07 Mar 1830
Maria Messerly (c1796) 1796 Dombresson, Neuchatel [5]
Christian Messerli (c1799) before 1799 Rueggisberg [6]
Jacob Messerly (c1800) before 1800 Rueggisberg [7]
Elisabeth Messerly (c1803) before 1803 St-Martin, Neuchatel [8]
Maria Messerly (1818) 1818 Aarberg, Bern [9]

Source: LDS recordsFor more info see the Notes on this page

Bern-Rueeggisberg 800px

Home town Rueeggisberg today


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