Samuel Walker married Jane Patterson.

Their children are;

1. Barbara Walker married William McClellan,
1. Annis md. Rev. Samuel Carrick,
2. John M. md. Mary Polly Wallace,
3. Jane md. James Toomey,
4. Samuel md. Rachel McCampbell,
5. Abraham md. Jane P. Walker 'a cousin',b.2 Dec. 1791. Capt. Abraham was the Missour's 5th State Treasurer
6. Elizabeth md. James Weir,
7.Maj. William L. md. Eliza Conway Sevier ' daughter of Gov. John Sevier of TN.,
8. James md. Jane P. Walker b. 4 Jan 1787, 'a cousin',
9. David md. Ruth Hawkins.
2. Katherine married David Scott,
1. James,
2. Jane,
3. Samuel,
4. Isabell, and
5. William.
3. Jane married William Taylor,
1. Nancy md William Smith,
2. Barbara md Capt. James Moore' son of Capt. James Moore and Martha Poage. James Moore, son of James Moore and Jane Walker 'sister to Samuel Walker b. 25 Dec 1714'.
3. John md twice Amelia Ramsey, Elziaberh Hemans.
4. Samuel md Miss Gallaher,
5. Jane P. md James McClellan,
6. Margaret md?,
7. Sarah md William M. Taylor.
4. Capt. Samuel Walker married Susan McDonald,
1. Jane P. b. 17 Sep 1789 md John McKamy,
2. James M.,
3. Mary A.,
4. Samuel,
5. Zachariah,
6. John Milton,
7. Theopholus Alexander,
8. Elizabeth. All I have on Capt. Samuel's family. He was a bodyguard of 'Light Horse Harry' Henry Lee III.
5. Elizabeth never married,
6. James Walker md Jane Thompson, daughter of William Black Thompson and Elizabeth Blair Lyle.
1. Jane Patterson Walker md John Ritchie Inman 'My Ancestors'.
2.Elizabeth Lyle Walker md Thomas M. McSpadden.
7. Capt. John Walker married Margaret Paul had 12 Children.
8. Joseph Walker married Susan Willis,
1. Lucinda md Ambrose Toomey,
2. Jane P. md. Capt. Abraham McClellan, buried Sibley, Fort Osage, MO.,
3.Joel Pickens md. Mary A. Young,
4. Joseph Rutherford Walker -The Westering Man, Mountain Man.
5 John M.
6. Susan md. Lucien Ailstock,
7.Samuel S. md Barbara Rebecca Toomey.
9. Joel Walker married Margaret Ann Armstrong.
1. Elizabeth,
2 Jane Patterson,
3. George Whitfield,
4. Margaret Armstrong,
5 Robert Armstrong,
6. Katherine Rutherford,
7. Sarah Beard,
8. Thomas Armstrong,
9. Mary Ann Pringle,
10. Joel Calvin,
11. John Graham.

John and Katherine Rutherford Walker parents of Samuel Walker md Jane Patterson. Connie Jones

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