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From: Subject: [WALKER_SHORTLIST] Emailing: Deed by Samuel Walker, Sr.'s Heirs.jpg Date: September 27, 2006 8:05:39 PM EDT To: Cc:

It took over 3 months the last time I requested copies of documents from the Clerk of Court of Rockbridge Co. This time it took less than a week to receive a copy of the conveyance transcribed on pages 260-261 of Emma White's book. While the photostat copy of the conveyance to Natural Bridge Samuel Walker Jr. in 1794 by other heirs to his father's estate, which is recorded in Book C pages 72-74, does not appear to contain any new information, I thought it might still be of general interest. It also serves as a reminder that the property was located next to Samuel Walker, Sr.'s brother, Joseph.

Other records indicate that Samuel Walker Sr. and Joseph Walker were the same pair of brothers, living in then Botetourt Co., who received a power of attorney in 1771 from their brother John Waker, a resident of then Orange Co., NC.

We now know that the John Walker who granted the POA was not Wigton John Walker III whose will was probated in Washington Co., VA in 1778. Since there was more than one John Walker living in Orange Co. in 1771, it would have been easy for Emma and her contributors to have gotten confused.

This is the first of 4 transmissions needed to transmit the oversize document. The upper portion of page 72 is attached. Jerry

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