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Sara Haesaerts is a direct decendant of the last Haezaerts family from Aalst, Bruge,and Bierbeck.

The history of this family is listed back to 981 with the spelling of Haesaerts, Haezaert, hazaert, hazard.

A formal request was made in 1821 to quantify the Beethoven link, and was proved succesfull in so much as that Ludwig Van Beethoven had Flemish links to the Haesaert family. His direct decendants were, and still are, Haezaerts from the Brussels, Aalst and Mechelen area of belgium, his G G G grandparents. A proud offering to be associated with one of, if not the greatest composer of all time.

The following is a time line from 1631:

Mark Van Beethoven-Sara Haesaerts 1631.....added link to Haes/zaerts in Aalst to follow.

Cornelis Van Beethoven-Catherina Van Leempoel 1673

Michael Van Beethoven-Ludovica Stuyckers 1707

Lucovicus Van beethoven-Maria Josepha Poll 1733

Johan Van Beethoven-Magdelena Keverich 1767

Ludwig Van Beethoven 1770

Music has and will be handed down through family links, with many of his direct ancestors proving worthwhile musicians of many styles, genres, and performance. Pianist's, Cello, conducting, teaching, are some of the inherited traits that have been passed down. Emille Haesaert, Jon Haesaert, Pter Haesaert, Johan Haesaert, Domenique Haesaert, Richard Haesaert, are or were some of these musicians carrying on the tradition.

Current links to this side of Beethovens family have found direct ancestry in England as well.

Apart from these links, it would go to prove that members of the Haesaert family, were taught also by Chopin, and his pupils when in France, the link also suggests that Robert schumann was an influence on the same family by direct links via teaching, either by his pupils or directly from lessons given by himself. A direct link to Hayden was disproved, but links to his teaching of family members do exist, also Weber has a pupil/student link to the name.

It can be found, although only by extensive geneolgy, that the member family Haesaert, is, and does directly link to Ludwig Van Beethoven, a link in musical terms that is still active today.

Direct geneology does link the family Haesaert, to the Van Beetovens, commonly a dutch name link, Van has links to Smets (English Smith from 1489) and also to De Van Haesaert, a 1756 derivative of the name. The family link is as follows.:

Sara, Petre, Franck, Johan-ludwig, Albert, John, cesare, Jon, Guye, John, Ricard, John, Leuss, Richard, Richard, emile, Jon, Johann,Johanass,Richard, Georgei,Richard, Johann,Richard... This covers 1487 to 1994.

More to follow.....