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Sarah Everett was born 30 March 1834 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire (Breadstone+ Berkeley+ Gloucestershire+ England) to Charles Everett (1802-1839) and Ann Millard (c1802-1841) and died 1 February 1912 in Bedminster, Bristol (Dunkerry Road+ Bedminster+ Bristol+ England) of unspecified causes. She married Charles Stickler (1832-1891) 13 December 1856 in Pucklechurch, Bristol. Sarah born 1835 at Breadstone, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, married Charles Stickler on 13 December 1856 at the St.Thomas à Becket Church, Pucklechurch. Sarah and Charles lived on Parkfield Rd where they raised their ten children.

Following her husband's death Sarah Everett continued to live at Parkfield Road with her two youngest children; George Edward and Jesse Charles. In 1911 she was visited by her son, John James, who journeyed from America to England to see his ailing mother; She died the following year in February 1912 at age seventy six.


Offspring of Sarah Everett and Charles Stickler (1832-1891)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sarah Ann Stickler (1856-1922) 28 December 1856 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 1922 London, England, United Kingdom Alfred Henry Jackson (1851-1910)

Thomas Stickler (1858-1931) 3 August 1858 Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England) 1931 Jeanetta Arthur (c1861-1939)

Elizabeth Stickler (1861-1879) 3 January 1861 Pucklechurch, South Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom 1879 Cornwall, England, United Kingdom Silas Johns (1864-1947)

John James Stickler (1863-1932) 27 March 1863 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 10 June 1932 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States Ellen Clerke (1864-1947)

William Everett Stickler (1865-1890)
Edwin Albert Stickler (1868-?)
George Stickler (1870-1870)
Hannah Sophia Stickler (1871-1923) 11 August 1871 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 4 December 1923 William Thomas Joint (1864-1932)

George Edward Stickler (1874-1936) 13 April 1874 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 27 December 1936 Keynsham, Bristol, England, United Kingdom Florence Gresswell (1887-1960)

Jesse Charles Stickler (1876-1962) 20 May 1876 Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England) 6 November 1962 St.George, Bristol (St.Mathews+ Moorfields St.George+ Bristol+ England) Amy Blanche Bateman (c1874-1938)

William Everett Stickler

William Everett born 1865 was the fifth child of Charles and Sarah (Everett) Stickler of Pucklechurch. He never married and died on 26 December 1890.

Edwin Albert Stickler

Edwin Albert born in 1868 and was the sixth child of Charles & Sarah (Everett) Stickler. For most of his life he lived at Cardiff, Wales. He was religious and active in the Methodist Church, and once served as Superintendent of a Methodist Sunday School. When Albert died he left his writing desk to Jesse Cecil Stickler, the banker, who lived at 10 Rutland Ave, Willsbridge.

Hannah Sophia Stickler

Hannah born 1871 was the eighth child of Charles and Sarah (Everett) Stickler. in 1881 she was a Scholar. When she married William Joint they took up residence at Dunkerry Road, Windhill Hill, Bristol.

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