Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Sarah Humphrey (1812) and Wilson Blackstock (1812)
John Blackstock (1834)
John Jasper [1][2]
3 MAR 1834 Henry Co, GA
Mary Blackstock (1835)
Mary Ann
14 DEC 1835 Henry Co, GA 24 JAN 1874 Buchanan, Haralson Co, GA
Nancy Jane Blackstock 2 DEC 1837 Henry Co, GA 4 AUG 1848 Campbell Co.
James Blackstock (1839) James N.[3] 1 Oct 1839 Henry Co, GA 6 Oct 1861 Haralson Co, GA
Moses Blackstock (1841)Moses H. [4] 15 Sep 1841 (male) Henry Co, GA 6 Feb 1861 Haralson Co
Susan Blackstock (1841)
Susan D "Hatton"
15 Sep 1841 [5] Henry Co, GA 22 OCT 1864 Haralson Co
Lucinda E. Blackstock 23 JUN 1843 [6] Henry Co, GA 26 AUG 1848 [7] Henry, Georgia
Sarah Blackstock (1845)
Sarah Caroline
19 July 1845 [8][9] Paulding, Georgia 11 JUL 1936[10] Wood, Texas
Wilson Blackstock (c1847) 3 Oct 1847 Henry co. GA 20 MAR 1920[11] Buchanan, Haralson co, GA
William Blackstock (1849) William B. 22 NOV 1849[12] Campbell Co. 31 JUL 1850 Campbell


  • This family tree is also given at rajordan Family treeguide[1]
  • Unless otherwise indicated, this information was from 1850 Census for Wilson Blackstock in Campbell County, GA.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all specific dates are from Wallis_Ware page at rootsweb [2]. Please note that the Wallis_Ware dates are not properly documented (eg- citing a census for a specify day/month of birth when no census does that. Also, Wallis Ware specific dates are in conflict with many of those given on Familysearch. For example, Sarah Blackstock moved with her family to Texas where she died in the 20th century. Wallis Ware has her dieing back in GA shortly after the war.
  1. ^ 1850 Census- Maybe someone could look at the handwriting and confirm my reading of this and "Jas"
  2. ^ famsearch says it is John Jasper, but no specific date. just year
  3. ^ 1850 census reads Jas, famsearch says James
  4. ^ Famsearch says Moses., giving date 1841. The 1850 Census gives age as 11, and clearly seems to indicate the name is "Masis"
  5. ^ Susan's exact birth in 1841provided by rajordan site.
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  9. ^ Wallis_Ware gives 15 SEP 1841 birth for Sarah
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