Sarah Innes
Sex: Female
Birth: July 3, 1776
in Virginia
Death: May 2, 1807
in Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky
Father: Harry Innes
Mother: Elizabeth Calloway
Spouse/Partner: Francis Thornton V
Marriage: June 2, 1792
in Henrico County, Virginia

         Went by Sallie. One source describes her as "a woman of great beauty and strength of mind." I believe she died while visiting her family in Kentucky. My mother's files should have more information.


Name Birth Death
Children of Francis Thornton V and Sarah Innes

Elizabeth Ann Thornton December 22, 1793
Fredericksburg, Virginia
February 18, 1881
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Francis Thornton VI September 12, 1795

Harry Innes Thornton April 3, 1797
Richmond, Virginia
January 27, 1861
San Francisco, California

Sarah Innes Thornton January 11, 1799
Fredericksburg, Virginia
?? ??, 1885
Fredericksburg, Virginia

James Innes Thornton October 28, 1800
Fredericksburg, Virginia
September 13, 1877
Greene County, Alabama

Robert Calloway Thornton August 22, 1802
?? ??, 1831
near Winchester, Virginia

Catherine Innes Thornton ?? ??, 1804
Spotsylvania County, Virginia
September 20, 1826
Winchester, Virginia

Butler Brayne Thornton February 25, 1805
?? ??, 1833


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