Sarah Oldrin
Birth: August 15, 1894 (1894-08-15) (124 years ago)
Glen Cove, New York area
Death: August 15, 1894 (age 79)
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Burial: Compton Burial Ground
Father: William Oldrin (1772-1858)
Mother: Amy X (1780-1853)
Spouse/Partner: Abraham Kershaw (1815-?)
Marriage: circa 1836 (age 21)
possibly Glen Cove, New York
Children: Mary E. Kershaw (1837-aft1872)
Isaac Kershaw (1840-?)
Anna Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931) ^
Sara Kershaw (1843-1922)
Amy Kershaw (1847-aft1872)
Peter Kershaw (1849-bef1872)
Note(s): ^ Lindauer and Freudenberg line

Sarah Oldren (1816-?)

Kershaw-Sarah 1894 death

1894 death index

Olderon-Sarah 1894 death certificate

1894 death certificate

Potential name variationsEdit

  • Sarah Oldrin
  • Sarah Oldren
  • Sarah Olderen
  • Sarah Olderon


She was 100% British as best as can be determined.



The 1850 United States Census for Manhattan lists Sarah's age as 34 years, which would mean she was born around 1816. She was born in the area of Glen Cove, New York and Oyster Bay, New York. Vital records registration started in New York State outside of New York City in 1881 so the only birth record would be her baptism at a church.



Sarah married Abraham Kershaw (1814-1854) around 1835 and he died on his way to California in 1854 during the last years of the California Gold Rush. Abraham married Sarah and they had their last child in 1849, who was Peter Kershaw (1849-?). Abraham makes his last appearance in the 1850 United States Census living in New York City.


Abraham and Sarah had the following children:


Abraham and Sarah most likely resided in Oyster Bay, New York and should appear there in the 1840 United States Census and should be living with their oldest daughter Mary E. Kershaw (1837-?). Abraham and Sarah moved from there to Manhattan by 1850. After Abraham's death, around 1851, Sarah moved to Somerville, New Jersey most likely to be near the other related Kershaws.


She died on November 22, 1894 in Bridgewater, New Jersey. She was listed as 79 years, 3 months and 7 days. She died of "organic disease of the heart". She was buried in Castner - Compton Cemetery, Martinsville, New Jersey.

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Find her in the 1860 and 1870 and 1880 census. She should be in Somerville, New Jersey in 1870. Look for a tombstone and look in the microfilm for a funeral notice.


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