Full nameEdit

Sarah Preston (Everett) Hale

Vital StatisticsEdit

  • Sex : Female
  • Born 1796
  • Died 1866

Paternal PedigreeEdit





Sarah Preston (Everett) Hale (1796-1866) was the daughter of Oliver Everett, minister of New South Church in Boston.

After the death of her father when she was six years old, Sarah's brothers, editor and diplomat Alexander Hill Everett and clergyman and orator Edward Everett, took charge of her education. In his book Memories of a Hundred Years, Sarah's son Edward Everett Hale wrote, "so little had schools to do with [her] education, that I any of her school teachers."

At age twelve, she was introduced by her brother Alexander to his friend and fellow teacher at Exeter Academy, Nathan Hale, Sr. (1784-1863), the nephew of American patriot Nathan Hale (1755-1776) [1]. They married in 1816. A regular contributor to her husband's newspaper, the Boston Daily Advertiser, Sarah P.E. Hale wrote book reviews and was its French editor.

Her son, Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909), remembered seeing his mother, "rock the cradle in which reposed his sister...while (Daniel)Webster and Judge Story dictated to her speeches that were to appear in her husband's paper."

She also wrote juvenile biographies of Spanish explorers for the school library and several other books and stories for children.




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