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  • Daughter of Moses Warren II 1760A and Priscilla Nurse (1764-1842).
  • 1784-Feb-04 : Birth in Acworth Township, NH.
  • 1803-Dec-08 : Marriage to Her husband, Ebenezer Duty (1782-1852). He married first Sarah Warren (1784-1818), and then married second Judith Yeoman (b. 1782) in 1819. No children with Judith.
  • 1818-Sep-01: Died in Warrensville, OH. (Age 34 - same year as birth of youngest daughter - Sarah Warren.

Biography Edit

MOSES WARREN born in Northboro, Massachusetts, 1760, enlisted in the continental army
1776, remaining till near the close of the war, settled in Acworth, 1782 or 1783, removed to
Warrensville, Cuyahoga County Ohio, of which his son Daniel was the first settler, having
removed in 1808, following his brother-in-law Ebenezer Duty of Acworth, who subsequently settled in Ashtabula County Ohio. It appears that Sarah died about the same time as her youngest child was born in 1818. Her husband remarried the following year to Judith Yeoman.

Ebenezer Duty - occupation brickmaker, is credited with a patent in 1828 for a brickstriking machine along with son Daniel W Duty,

See also page 134-135 of the book List of American Patents that describes more about the Duty brickstriking machine.

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