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On birth certificate: Father was George Crawford, miner, 30 years, born in Scotland. Her parents marriage is listed as 1858, Newcastle and one living previous child. Her mother was Jane Sharp, 26 years, born in Scotland. The informant was her father George Crawford of Upper Araluen. Her birth was registered in Braidwood.

On marriage certificate: Bridegroom - Charles Roffey, Carpenter, lived at Lismore, bachelor. Bride - Sarah Crawford, lived at Sydney, spinster. Celebrant was William F. Fraser, officiating minister, rites according to Presbyterian Church, witnessed by Albert Beaumont and Alexandrina F. Fraser. Registered at 'The Richmond at Lismore'.

On death certificate: Sarah died on 27th July 1945 at Hornsby and District Hospital, Hornsby, Hornsby Shire, late of 140 Hunter Street, Toronto, Lake Macquarie Shire. She was 84 years old and she died of Senility for ? years (literally, it's a question mark, not me being able to read it) and her medical attendant was D. C Dickinson (registered) and he last saw her on 26th July 1945. Sarah's father was George Crawford, miner and her mother was Jean Lawson. (Uh oh, her mother was supposed to be Jane Sharp!) The informant was Caroline S. Bell, daughter, 4 Oswald Street Campsie. Sarah's death was registered on 27th July 1945 at Hornsby. She was cremated on 28th July 1945 'Delivered to Crematorium at Rookwood and the undertaker was R. E. Mayles, employed by Labor Motor (?) Funerals Limited.', and cremated at Rookwood Crematorium by T. J. Massey, Superintendent. The minister was Keith W. Burton, Presbyterian and the witnesses were B. Munns and S. Oddings and there's a third - O. A. Baker. Sarah was born at Araluen, N.S.W. She was married at Lismore, N.S.W., 21years, to Charles Roffey and she was a widow. Her children were Ivy V. 60 years, Linda L. 57, Caroline S. 54, Jean C. 49, Harriett W. 46, William A. 45, Robert E. 42 living and two males and one female deceased.


  1. NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages: 1861/ 005769 219 (Birth), 6429 (Marriage), 1945/ 017134 867 (Death)



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