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Origin: France
Variant(s): Sicard
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Secor is a name of French origin. The original French spelling of the name was Sicard. The Sicard family included French Huguenots from an area of France famous for its Calvinism and its resistance to the Roman Catholic rule of the Kings of France. Many Huguenots emigrated, founding such cities as New Rochelle, New York in 1689. In North America, the spelling of the family name has appeared in various forms over the years including Secord and Secor.

One of the first members of the family to move to North America was Ambroise Sicard. Ambroise Sicard and his wife Marie Jeanne Perron lived in Mornac – Sur – Seudre in France during the 1600s. Mornac – Sur – Seudre is a small village located on the Atlantic Coast of western France. The village overlooks the Seudre River on a peninsular across from the Isle D’Oleron on the edge of the Foret de la Coubre nature reserve. The village is located within the Charente-Maritime District due south of the historic Huguenot city of La Rochelle.

Source: Ambriose Sicard and His Progeny 2004, by Donald G. Secor

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