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Subquery query example: Lists (in a way that allows sorting by a particular column) all Familypedia people born in Pennsylvania whose father was stated to be born between 1849 and 1875:

{{#ask: [[birth nation-subdiv1::Pennsylvania]] [[father::<q>[[birth date::>1849]] [[birth date::<1875]]</q>]]
|?birth date 
|?death date 
|?birth locality 
|?birth county
 Birth dateDeath dateBirth localityBirth countyFather
Mabel Elizabeth Bennett (1900-1979)2 December 190021 December 1979Abington Township, Montgomery County, PennsylvaniaMontgomery County, PennsylvaniaWilliam Bennett (1863-1923)
Carmella Conti (1910-1995)22 June 1910March 1995Angelo Conti (1874-1935)
Nicholas Conti (1912-2009)19122009Angelo Conti (1874-1935)
Charles Gwynn Douglas (1891-1959)4 February 189130 May 1959Charles Douglass (1852-1931)
Gladys E Foor (1911-1991)3 June 191110 April 1991Bedford County, PennsylvaniaJacob Hartzell Foor (1860-1940)
Harold E Foor (1905-1970)1 December 1905July 1970Bedford County, PennsylvaniaJacob Hartzell Foor (1860-1940)
Sherman Hartzell Foor (1897-1988)25 May 189721 October 1988Everett, PennsylvaniaBedford County, PennsylvaniaJacob Hartzell Foor (1860-1940)
James Harrison (1897-1973)28 March 1897December 1973St. Marys, PennsylvaniaElk County, PennsylvaniaJoseph Harrison (1860-1942)
Joseph Harrison, Jr. (1895-1963)2 August 189524 November 1963St. Marys, PennsylvaniaElk County, PennsylvaniaJoseph Harrison (1860-1942)
Mary Jane Harrison (1894-1966)February 1894Joseph Harrison (1860-1942)
Sarah E. Harrison (1892-1977)18 July 189229 July 1977Joseph Harrison (1860-1942)
Alexander F. Hunsicker (1905-1995)15 April 190512 November 1995Sheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
Clarissa E. Hunsicker (1901-2003)19012003Sheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
Clifford Sheridan Hunsicker (1903-1976)3 April 19033 July 1976Sheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
Dorothy E. Hunsicker (1898-2002)26 November 18982002Sheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
Earl F. Hunsicker (1897-1968)189714 June 1968Sheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
Ethel Florence Hunsicker (1909-1911)11 September 190911 March 1911Sheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
George Thomas Hunsicker (1911-1965)30 April 19111965PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia County, PennsylvaniaSheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
Mary Anna Hunsicker (1907-1909)6 April 190730 December 1909Sheridan Landis Hunsicker (1865-1916)
Bessie Josephine Johnson (1886-1939)20 March 188623 October 1939Houtzdale, PennsylvaniaClearfield County, PennsylvaniaNils August Jönsson (1854-1933)
Carl August Johnson (1905-1968)28 August 190526 August 1968Houtzdale, PennsylvaniaClearfield County, PennsylvaniaMartin Hans Lauritzsen Johnson (1871-1948)
Clara N. Johnson (1899-1979)13 April 189921 November 1979Houtzdale, PennsylvaniaClearfield County, PennsylvaniaNils August Jönsson (1854-1933)
Harry E. Johnson (1907-1975)1907Martin Hans Lauritzsen Johnson (1871-1948)
James William Homer Kolstee (1895-1968)6 April 189522 July 1968Erie, PennsylvaniaJohn George Kolstee (1856-1925)
Mildred Lefferts Leedom (1906-1986)19 June 190615 February 1986Lower Moreland Township, PennsylvaniaMontgomery County, PennsylvaniaIsaac Newton Leedom (1867-)
Marvin Pierce (1893-1969)17 June 189317 July 1969Sharpsville, PennsylvaniaMercer County, PennsylvaniaScott Pierce (1866-aft1930)
Howard C. Robacker (1900-1966)19 March 1900February 1966Afton Robacker (1860-)
Gladys Isabelle Shade (1899-)October 1899Altoona, PennsylvaniaBlair County, PennsylvaniaJohn Hildebrand Shade (1875-1956)
John Hildebrand Shade (1875-1956)6 February 187520 March 1956Catfish, PennsylvaniaBlair County, PennsylvaniaBrice Blair Shade (1851-1934)
Naomi Irene Shade (1897-1939)May 18971939Altoona, PennsylvaniaBlair County, PennsylvaniaJohn Hildebrand Shade (1875-1956)
Thelma Adaline Shade (1905-1954)19 July 19051954Altoona, PennsylvaniaBlair County, PennsylvaniaJohn Hildebrand Shade (1875-1956)
William Leamer Shade Sr. (1877-1944)4 March 187713 March 1944Leamersville, PennsylvaniaBlair County, PennsylvaniaBrice Blair Shade (1851-1934)
Clyde Andrew Stauffer (1895-1959)28 May 189529 March 1959Franklinville, Bucks County, PennsylvaniaBucks County, PennsylvaniaUlysses Simpson Grant Stauffer (1865-1912)
Herbert L. Stauffer (1903-1987)10 April 190313 January 1987HatfieldMontgomery County, PennsylvaniaUlysses Simpson Grant Stauffer (1865-1912)
Paul Leon Stauffer (1905-1985)2 June 19051 November 1985West PointCambria County, PennsylvaniaUlysses Simpson Grant Stauffer (1865-1912)
Charles Wesley Stickler (1891-1975)22 October 18911 September 1975PhiladelphiaJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)
Chauncey Langdon Stickler (1897-1987)6 January 189715 May 1987Lansford, PennsylvaniaJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)
James Hubert Stickler (1905-1969)18 September 190520 June 1969Lansford, PennsylvaniaJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)
Myrtle Louise Stickler (1902-1999)24 September 1902October 1999Lansford, PennsylvaniaJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)
Nelson Miles Stickler (1899-1945)10 March 18991945Lansford, PennsylvaniaJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)
Olive Victoria Stickler (1901-1966)22 January 19013 August 1966Lansford, PennsylvaniaJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)
Selwyn Victor Stickler (1894-1990)29 October 189431 July 1990Lansford, PennsylvaniaJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)
Bernice Maude Thompson (1882-1979)11 July 188228 March 1979Lander, PennsylvaniaWarren County, PennsylvaniaWillie Wilbur Thompson (1852-1940)
Harold A. Trump (1903-1982)1903Elmer Ellsworth Trump (1869-1949)
Pearl Trump (1899-?)1899Elmer Ellsworth Trump (1869-1949)
Afton Gaylord VanBuskirk (1891-1959)18911959Gaylord VanBuskirk (1859-aft1916)
Alice B. VanBuskirk (1884-?)August 1884Charles VanBuskirk (1850-1931)
Clyde VanBuskirk (1890-?)30 October 1890Jacob Z. VanBuskirk (1849-)
Ezra G. VanBuskirk (1881-1973)30 July 1881August 1973Charles VanBuskirk (1850-1931)
Franklin P. VanBuskirk (1886-1969)23 May 1886November 1969Jacob Z. VanBuskirk (1849-)
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