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Various possible origins:

  • Sims is a contraction and corruption of the name Shipman which itself originates from Sheepman. This indicates that the origin of the name is rural and stems from shepherds and hilly areas(like the Malborough downs)
  • Sims is a contraction and corruption of the family name Simmonds, Symonds, etc (hence Simmns).In turn, Simmonds is a contracted and corrupted version of the Germanic Anglo-Saxon name "Sigmund", meaning "Victory Mouth" or "Mouth of Victory" ("Sig"= Victory, "Mund"=Mouth).
  • from SYM clan of Yetholm Tower or Castle, also written Yetheram, Yeththorp, Withram, Wythrop, Roxburgh County, Scotland, of the ninth century. The meaning of the name SYM in Celtic Gaelic is Peacemaker.
  • The Norman is given as Sixth.
  • The name has also been attributed to Old Saxon, meaning Shelf of Cornice; designating perhaps a clan of people living on a high place or Highlands of Scotland, such as Roxburgh County, in ancient times.
  • Another definition says the name is Saxon, derived from Simeon, the second son of Jacob, meaning son of Simeon.


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Sims, Simms

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