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September 25 in recent years
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2008 (Thursday)
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September 25 is the 268th day of the year (269th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 97 days remaining until the end of the year.



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70 Familypedia people were born on September 25

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Edward Aldridge (1826-1909)William Aldridge (1772-1832)Kezia Smith (1798-1870)
James Darwin Allen (1849-1912)John Washington Allen (1804-1852)Martha Ann H. Givens (c1816-1850)
Dorothea von Anhalt-Zerbst (1607-1634)Rudolf von Anhalt-Zerbst (1576-1621)Dorothea Hedwig von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1587-1609)
Elisabeth von Anhalt (1563-1607)Joachim Ernst von Anhalt-Dessau (1536-1586)Agnes von Barby-Mühlingen (1540-1569)
Mary Axtell (1639-1704)Thomas Axtell (1619-1645)Mary Rice (1619-1680)
William Bellamy (1851-1916)William Bellamy (1823-1891)Elanor Thompson (1824-1897)
Maratje Bennet (1774-1830)Nicholas Bennet (1743-1796)Mary Duryea (1752-1834)
Hardy Bennett (1863-1944)Henry Tapus Bennett (1814-1876)Mary Unicomb (1830-1877)
Daisy Victoria Blackman (1891-1972)Charles Edward Blackman (1853-1939)Margaret Thomas (c1857-1944)
Ann Blanch (1831-1896)Edward Blanch (c1787-1860)Maria B Ashdown (c1789-1837)
Thomas Edwin Blanch (1832-1891)Thomas J Blanch (1809-1892)Hannah Austin (1815-1879)
Albert Charles Blundell (1879-1955)Charles Blundell (1842-1910)Cecilia Caterson (1849-1930)
Margaret Joan Bohmfalk (1958)Arthur William Bohmfalk (1937-1979)Joan Portwood (1932-2004)
John Bowden (1915-2002)
Sarah Bowerman (1838-1906)William T Thomas (1797)Mary Ann Partridge (1797-1877)
... further results

104 Familypedia people died on September 25

 FatherMotherAge at death
Alasia di Saluzzo (-1292)Tommaso I di Saluzzo (c1240-1296)Aluigia di Ceva (-1292)
James Arbon (1780-1864)James Arbon (c1755-1796)Hannah Unknown (c1767)84
Gerald Archibald Arbuthnot (1872-1916)William Arbuthnot (1838-1893)Selina Moncreiffe (1851-1877)
David John Avard (1865-1944)David Avard (1839-1910)Elizabeth Newton (1841-1890)79
John Bellamy (1803-1873)William Zadock Bellamy (c1772-1850)Ann Fay (1774-1843)70
Samuel Bigelow (1789-1857)Joshua Bigelow (1759-1831)Huldah Hunt (1763-1831)68
Jessie Blackman (1876-1953)Samuel Blackman (1852-1917)Margaret Robertson (1856-1913)77
Eveline Bonner (1906-1996)Joseph Willian BonnerHannah Brown
Isabella of Bourbon (c1436-1465)Charles I, Duke of Bourbon (1401-1456)Agnes of Burgundy (1407-1476)29
Mary Bray (1563-1629)John Bray (1534-1615)Margaret Haslonde (1536-1588)
Elisha Brewster (1755-1833)Jonathan Brewster (1734-1800)Zipporah Smith (1735-1794)78
Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)David Brigham (1678-1750)Mary Leonard (1674-1741)71
Cyril Frank Brownen (1922-1999)Arthur William Brownen (1886-1973)Letitia Charlotte Goodall (1884-1963)77
John Butler (1808-1854)James Butler (1777-1838)Grace Louisa Staples46
Archibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll (1658-1703)Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (c1629-1685)Mary Stuart (1628-1668)45
... further results

70 Familypedia people were first married on September 25

 FatherMotherJoined with
Viktor II. Friedrich von Anhalt-Bernburg (1700-1765)Karl Friedrich von Anhalt-Bernburg (1668-1721)Sofie Albertine zu Solms-Sonnenwalde (1672-1708)Luise von Anhalt-Dessau (1709-1732) + Albertine von Brandenburg-Schwedt (1712-1750) + Constanze Schmidt
Karel Banté (c1823-1898)Willem Banté (1799-1868)Gerritje Beltman (1800-1846)Marrigje Kruisdijk (c1827-1902)
Charles F Behle (1892-1967)Henry Behle (1842-1898)Margaret Ockenfels (1854-1932)Mabel E. Nicholson (c1891)
William R Blackman (c1800-1854)James Blackman (1759-1842)Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842)Sarah Ismena M Cobcroft (1799-1872)
Elizabeth Butler (1640-1665)James Butler (1610-1688)Elizabeth Preston (1615-1684)Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Chesterfield (1634-1714)
Șerban Cantacuzino (1941-2011)Ion Filotti-Cantacuzino (1908-1975)Elena Warthiadi (c1918-c1985)Simona Romașcan (1941)
Roxana Carabulea (c1945)Ștefan Grigore de Fáy (1943)
Anna Maria Chivell (1843-1897)Joseph Chivell (c1798-1855)Ann Bennie Goard (1800-1880)James Adams Pederick (1836-1910)
Rudolf Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1870-1921)Rudolf Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1822-1890)Marie von Khevenhüller-Metsch (1838-1892)Irma Ráday de Ráda (1871-1945)
Weston Clarke (1648-1730)Jeremiah Clark (1605-1651)Frances Latham (1609-1677)Mary Easton (1648-1690) + Rebecca Thurston (1662-1737)
Gideon Cobb (1691-1759)Henry Cobb (1665-1725)Lois Hallet (c1672-1726)Margaret Fish (1695-1775)
Sarah Ismena M Cobcroft (1799-1872)John Frederick Cobcroft (1756-1853)Sarah Smith (1772-1857)William R Blackman (c1800-1854)
David Cross (1799-1869)John Cross (c1757-1824)Mary Ann Davison (1769-1827)Charlotte Elizabeth Johnson (1804-1886)
Elijah Doty (1803-1860)Samuel Doty (1765-1829)Mary Brown (1761-1844)Elizabeth Gough (1802-1888)
Thomas Green Douglass (1829-1914)William Douglass (c1768-1852)Mary Ann Cross (c1792-1862)Ann Cross (1833-1875)+Ellen Smith (1837-1913)
... further results

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