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Shaligram is a surname i.e. family name in Maharashtra..

These family members are Hindu brahmins, classified as Deshstha Rigvedi brahmins ,having Haritas Gotra,

These families have migratted from Karnatka ,about 350 tears back., and settled at Pune,Saswad, Chinchwad, Chakan,Manchar, Samsherpur( Sangamner ) initially.Now they have shifted in big cities like Pune,Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, Surat, Indore, Bhopal etc.

Shali means paddy and gram means villege in Karnataka.It can be said that these families have shifted from rice growing area of Karnataka. At pesent there are two places in Karnataka having name related to Shali-- Sali- paddy--rice. One is near Hasan and other in Udipi.

Near river Gandaki,in Nepal , threre is( was ) a forest of Sal wood, a best material for construction of buildings. That are is called as Shaligram place of Nepal. Shaligram stones for puja purpose are fond in the river Gandaki. It is said brahmins from this area have migratted to southern part og India to avoid compulsory conversions by mugals. These brahmins were Vaishnav and similar class is fond in South India at present.

It is necesaary to find out origin of Shaligram family, details of their migrattion, their family-brothers ( Kul-bandhav) at original place say Nepal, Karnataka or esewhere.

The scholars ,family members, readers are requested to contribute for this research.

Suhas Prabhakar Shaligram ( Manchar branch),

All the scholars

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