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David Mitchell Rae was the head of banking for the Royal Bank of Scotland based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Married to Amy Lilian Shaw, they had four children:

  1. Alistair
  2. Lillian
  3. Amy
  4. Kathleen.

Wilfred and Ralfe SHORTO married two of the sisters, respectively, Lillian and Kathleen Rae. All were living in Brazil.

Wing Cmdr Ralph R. Shorto had two children with Kathleen: Gavin and Glenn Shorto later of Bermuda.

Wilfred Shorto founded and grew Coca Cola in Brazil. Wilfred and Lillian had six children

  1. Carole
  2. Denise
  3. Alan
  4. Penny
  5. Roberto
  6. Charlene

Wilfred died at an early age of 35 years and Lillian continued as CEO of Coca Cola growing the brand throughout the country and elsewhere.

(Brothers seem to have got mixed there.)

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