Sidney Algernon Knowlton

Early Mormon Convert and Pioneer / Descendant of Royal Lineage

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Biography Edit

Sidney and Harriet were raising their family on a farm in 1839 on Bear Creek, Hancock Co, Illinois, which is in close to proximity to the new Mormon Settlement just be founded nearby there at Nauvoo, by Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith. There the family converted to Mormonism, but did not move into the city proper.

The Knowlton Family crossed the great plains in the Samuel Gully/Orson Spencer Pioneer Wagon Company of 1849. Departure: unknown / Arrival: 22-24 September 1849. About 100 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Kanesville, Iowa (present day Council Bluffs).

His grandfather, Daniel Knowlton, was a leiutenant in the Revolutionary War.

Children of Sidney and Harriet Knowlton Edit

  1. Rumamah Burnham Knowlton (1817-1896) - md Erastus Derby
  2. Harriet Virginia Knowlton (1820-1821)
  3. Martha Jane Knowlton (1822-1881) - md Howard Coray - served as scribe to Lucy Mack Smith as she dictated her famous history of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith.
  4. Julia Ann Knowlton (1824-1826)
  5. Ephraim Knowlton (1827-1845) - md May Hooper
  6. Mary Ann Knowlton (1829-1887) - md William Hooper
  7. George Washington Knowlton (1832-1861) - md Mary Newton
  8. John Quincy Knowlton (1835-1886) - md Ellen Smith
  9. Benjamin Franklin Knowlton (1838-1901) - md Rhoda Richards
  10. Marcia Eliza Knowlton (1841-) -
  11. Abraham Benjamin Knowlton (1863-1944) - md Nettie Horsely

References Edit

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