Siegmund Freudenberg (1828-1908)
Siegmund Freudenberg of Berlin, Germany
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Sex: Male
Birth: 1828
Death: March 23, 1908
Father: Samuel Freudenberg (c1800-?)
Mother: Rosie Cohen (c1800-?)
Spouse/Partner: Clara Horwitz (c1835-?)
Marriage: January 3, 1856
Eisleben, Germany
Children: Maximillian S. Freudenberg I (1858-1921)

Siegmund Freudenberg (1828-1908), aka Sigmund Freudenberg. He migrated from Germany to the United States on March 16, 1867 at age 38. His children followed on May 11, 1869. He was a worker at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. (b. 1828, Berlin, Germany - March 23, 1908, Manhattan, New York, USA)

Name variationsEdit

  • Siegmund Freüdenberg
  • Siegmund Freudenberg
  • Sigmund Freudenberg


The name of his parents come from his death certificate and handwriting is difficult to read. It looks like Samuel Freudenberg (c1800-?) and Rosie Cohen (c1800-?). It may also be "Samele Freudenberg" or another variation.


He was born around 1828 in Berlin, Germany. Civil registration became mandatory in all German states on January 1, 1876.[1] Prior to that time only religious records would exist.


Sigmund was Jewish, he was married in a Jewish ceremony. He was buried in a Jewish cemetery.

First marriageEdit

Sigmund married Clara Horwitz (c1835-?) on January 3, 1856 in Eisleben, Germany in a Jewish ceremony.[2]



The first clue that the family was from Berlin came from the World War I draft registration of Richard F. Freudenberg (1896-1988) in 1918. Richard was the son of Max.

Death of first wifeEdit

Clara most likely died in childbirth in Germany or New York between 1861 and 1867. Her last child was born in 1861 or 1863 and her widower came to the US in 1867. The children came to the United States on May 11, 1869.


He arrived from Hamburg, Germany on March 16, 1867 at age 38 aboard the SS Hammonia. His children arrived May 11, 1869 aboard the SS Westphalia.

Second marriageEdit

He married Augusta Hermann (1835-1904) between 1867 and 1868 while in New York.


✝ died as an infant.

Manhattan and PhiladelphiaEdit

In 1870 he was living in Manhattan, New York City, New York and Siegmund was an agent at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. He resided in Ward 15, District 12. In 1880 he was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at age 51. Siegmund resided at 935 North 6th Street. His occupation was listed as "life insurance". In 1905 he was living in Manhattan, New York City, New York and was listed as the retired father-in-law of Joseph Eidelman.


He died on March 23, 1908 in Manhattan and his death certificate was number "9795".


Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York in Cemetery #1; Position 78; Row 3; Grave 16.


Sigmund Freudenberg (1828-1908) was the second great-grandfather of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).


Researched and written by Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) for Findagrave starting on September 10, 2003.

Uncompleted tasksEdit

  • Find him in the 1900 US census.
  • Get his sexton card from the cemetery. It may have additional information.
  • Search for a funeral notice in the New York City newspapers. The one for his wife was found.

Research on Siegmund FreudenbergEdit

  • Richard Arthur Norton (1958) writes: Siegmund Freudenberg (1830-1908) who died on March 23, 1908 in Manhattan was a suspect for being our Sigmund but there was no firm evidence. The family oral tradition was the Max came alone as a crew member on a ship and stayed on in the US illegally by 'jumping ship'. Sigmund never appeared in the 1880 or 1900 census and he was not buried with the other family members in Brooklyn or in Jersey City. On June 6, 2011, Kevin Borland (1975) discovered more information on Sigmund Freudenberg from the 1870 census that contained both Max and Siegmund together. It was improperly transcribed at but was correctly transcribed at This let him connect the Sigmund that died in 1908 to our Sigmund. He wrote: "I also found Sigmund Freudenburg's second wife Augusta, after Clara died. [Max] had a full-sister Gertrude, and a half-sister Jennie, hence the origin of the name Jenny Gertrude [Freudenberg]. We'll have to search Philadelphia records to prove it's the same family, but I think it is, because Max is in the household in 1870 when they lived in New York, before Sigmund shows up in Philadelphia 1880. Sigmund sold life insurance. His office was across the street from the US Mint. Siegmund Freudenberg died March 23, 1908 in Manhattan. Up until then, he was living with his daughter Jennie (Freudenberg) Eidelman." Kevin then found him in the 1880 census and the 1905 census and found the names of the children from his second wife. On January 21, 2013 Richard Arthur Norton (1958) found him on his ship manifest.


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