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Sigrid S. Larsson (1877-1957) Hemwall tombstone
Hemwall-Sigrid 1957May18a

Sigrid S. Lawson (1877-1957)

Sigrid Sofia Lawson (1877-1957) Hemwall (b. 1877, Sweden - d. May 17, 1957; Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA)

Name variationsEdit

  • Sigrid Sofia Lawson
  • Sigrid Sofia Larsson
  • Sigrid Sofia Larsdatter



She married Anders Hemwall I (1887-1956), a tailor, on August 09, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois.



Her obituary in the Chicago Tribune: "Mrs. Sigrid Hemivall, 79, of 839 N. Central avenue, died yesterday in her home. Mrs. Hemwall's husband, Anders, owner of the tailor shop at 13 1/2 North Cicero avenue, died last December. Surviving are two daughters, Ruth and Helen, and a son, Dr. Gustav, a physician. Services will be held Monday at 1 p.m. in the chapel at 318 N. Central avenue."

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