Simon Korver was born 1699 in Schermer, Netherlands to Adriaen Korver (bef1688-c1732) and Trijntje Pieters (?-?) . He married Trijntje Dirks (-bef1751) . He married Trijntje Claas Koens (?-?) . Ancestors are from the Netherlands.

Simon Korver lived in Schermer. He has no descendents with the name Korver.


Offspring of Adriaen Korver and Trijntje Pieters (?-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Agatha Korver (1698-)
Simon Korver (1699-) 1699 Schermer, Netherlands 9999 Schermer, Netherlands Trijntje Dirks (-bef1751)
Trijntje Claas Koens (?-?)

Agatha Korver (1699-)
Sijbreg Korver (1703-bef1711)
Sijbreg Korver (1711-)


Offspring of Simon Korver and Trijntje Dirks (-bef1751)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Pieter Korver (1724-)
Neeltje Korver (1725-) 1725 Schermer, North Holland, Netherlands 9999 Schermer, North Holland, Netherlands Arie Jansz Broerse

Catharine Korver (1727-)
Agatha Korver (1729-)

Footnotes (including sources)

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