Sophia Lovisa Winnberg, born 1 May 1744 in Hr Capit Ekenstiernas Gård, Blasieholmen, Stockholm, Sweden; died Aft. 1827 in of Brunflo, Jämtland, Sweden. She was the daughter of Erik Johansson Winnberg (1696-1778) and Anna Tranberg (ca.1703-1747). She married (1) Kapten Gustaf Örbom II (1733-1807) 25 Mar 1762 in Brunflo, Jämtland, Sweden. He was born 25 Feb 1732/33 in Rödögården, Rödön, Jämtland, Sweden, and died 15 Jun 1807 in Odensala, Brunflo, Jämtland, Sweden. He was the son of Anders Örbom (1675-1740) and Anna Elisabet von Rohr (1701-1767).

More About Sophia Lovisa Winnberg:

Note 1: over age 77 at death

Note 2: record of her death not found

Removed: 4 May 1812, to Faxälven, Näskott, Jämtland, Sweden

Residence 1: Bet. 1800 - 1812, Odensala, Brunflo, Jämtland

Residence 2: Bet. 1812 - 1815, listed with son Gustaf in Lunne, Brunflo

Residence 3: Bet. 1817 - 1827, listed with son Johan Petrus in Torvalla, Brunflo

Residence 4: Bet. 1821 - 1827, listed with son Anders at Prästgården, Brunflo

More About Gustaf Örbom II (1733-1807):

Note: Age 74 at death

Residence 1: ca 1755, Sota, Rödön, Jämtland

Residence 2: Bet. 1800 - 1807, Odensala, Brunflo, Jämtland, Sweden

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