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Origin: Czech Republic, Bohemia
Meaning: 'suk' (a knot in wood). Believed to be derived from a place name of a family living near the knotted tree.
Variant(s): Soukalova
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Earliest documented origin is from Ewitz, Bohemia (Czech name is now Nedvězí) is 2 miles westerly from Bystré , Bystré is 10 miles SW from Svitavy. Svitavy is 50-60 miles north from Brno. In the Czech census 1869 lived 432 people in 65 houses in Ewitz.

History of "Soukal" as told by Otomar Soukal (b. 1897): The Soukal's came to Bohemia from Poland in the 15th Century with the army led by Jan Zizka. Jan Zizka, born in 1370, was the commander of the Bohemian military and the head of the anti Hussite forces during the anti-crusades of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.

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