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Order of Charlemagne: 10

Similarity to Charlemagne: 0.00345

Generational discrepancy: 1.7664

→ (Spytihnev II of Bohemia (1031-1061), 1) → (Swatobor of Bohemia (?-?), 2)

→ (Daughter of Bohemia (bef1061-c1108), 2)

→ (Daughter of Bohemia (bef1061-bef1094), 2)→→ (Zbyslava of Kiev (c1087-c1112), 3)→→ (Władysław II the Exile of Poland (1105-1159), 4)→→ (Richeza of Poland (c1140-1185), 5)→→ (Predslava of Kiev (c1085-aft1110), 3)→→ (Béla II of Hungary (c1110-1141), 4)→→ (Yaroslav Svyatopolkich of Turov (c1091-1123), 3)→→ (Adelaide of Hungary (c1106-1140), 4)→→ (Sobeslav II of Bohemia (c1128-1180), 5)→→ (Wenceslaus II of Bohemia (1137-1192), 5)→→ (Iurii of Turov (c1109-aft1166), 4)→→ (Sofia of Turov (c1110-1158), 4)→→ (Pribislava Iaroslavna (aft1112-c1156), 4)→→ (Bolesław I the Tall of Poland (1127-1201), 5)→→ (Mieszko I Tanglefoot of Poland (c1130-1211), 5)→→ (Sancha of Castile (1155-1208), 6)→→→→→→ (Albert III. von Everstein (1170-1217), 6)→→ (Elisabeth of Hungary (c1129-bef1155), 5)→→ (Odon of Poznań (c1149-1194), 6)→→ (Géza II of Hungary (c1130-1162), 5)→→ (Ladislaus II of Hungary (1131-1163), 5)→→ (Stephen IV of Hungary (c1133-1165), 5)→→ (Henry I the Bearded of Poland (c1168-1238), 6)→→ (Casimir I of Opole (c1179-1230), 6)→→→→ (Maria of Bohemia (c1124-aft1160), 5)→→→→ (Elisabeth of Poland (1152-1209), 6)→→ (Wierzchoslawa Ludmilla of Poland (bef1153-bef1223), 6)→→ (Judith of Poland (bef1154-aft1201), 6)→→→→→ (Stephen III of Hungary (1147-1172), 6)→→ (Béla III of Hungary (1148-1196), 6)→→→→→→ (Elisabeth of Hungary (c1149-aft1189), 6)→→ (Helena of Hungary (c1158-1199), 6)→→→→ (Anna of Turov (c1152-c1209), 5)→→ (Rostislav II of Kiev (1172-1218), 6)→→ (Predslava Rurikovna (c1176-aft1203), 6)→→→ (Iaroslava Rurikovna (c1174-c1221), 6)→→ (Vladimir IV of Kiev (1187-1239), 6)→→→


Spytihnev II of Bohemia (1031-1061)/sensorSpytihnev II of Bohemia (1031-1061)/tree

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