Stephen Gill III (c1715-)
Stephen Gill III
Sex: Male
Birth: circa 1715
Death: before September 8, 1789
Father: Stephen Gill II (c1673-1734)
Mother: Elizabeth Hubbert (bef1693-?)
Spouse/Partner: Urith Butler (1719-c1800)
Marriage: June 27, 1740
Children: Benjamin M. Gill (c1755-aft1795)

Stephen Gill, was of age to marry Urith Butler on 27 Jun 1740. She was a daughter of Captain Henry Butler. Stephen died by 8 Sep 1789 when his estate was administered. Urith's will was made on 20 Apr 1800. She and Stephen had eleven children:

  • Thomas Gill
  • Edward Gill, married Ruth Richards.
  • John Gill, married Rachel Gill.
  • Benjamin Gill, married Jemima Murray.
  • Ruth Gill, b 26 Feb 1745.
  • Mary Gill, b 9 Jul 1747.
  • Stephen Gill, b 7 Feb 1748.
  • Nicholas Gill, b 25 May 1750.
  • Prudence Gill.
  • Susanna Gill, married John Hager.
  • Urath Gill, married Stephen Garrett Gill.


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