Strathmore's Who's Who

Strathmore's Who's Who is a directory which according to the company Strathmore Directories, "recognizes those men and women who have achieved success in their profession."

Strathmore Directories is based at 26 Bond Street in Westbury, New York. They maintain a website at , where members can review and connect with each other. Members are those who have paid for some service with the company. Some features are viewable by the general public without signing in.

There are numerous reports around the Internet that this is a scam operation, which plays on peoples' vanity, telling them about the "prestitgious recognition" of being included in the book, then charging sizable fees to be included. Researching this carefully is important before handing over any money. It should also be noted that they use spam to promote this 'inclusion' service and have moved their operations to OVH.NET, which as of July 2010 is listed as 4th worst source of spam in the world (see ).

Strathmore is not affiliated with Marquis Who's Who.

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Strathmore's Who's Who has been around for approx. 17 years. They do business on a local, national and global basis.

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