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fm string name assignment table
This is the Familypedia message ("fm") master list. Here, the correspondence between keys used on Strings pages (strings:en, strings:es and so on) is defined. The ordinal number of the key has no relevance- for example, it has no effect on display order. Order is determined in by order of occurence in Form:Interlingua (for input), and template:Set fm-strings (for display).

To add a new fm- term

  1. edit this page and add a new string/set line with and unused fmNNN key. The second operand is the fm name used by the {{string}} template.
  2. Edit Form:Interlingua to insert the item in the correct position for fm- name alphabetical order.
  3. Edit template:Set fm-strings to insert the item in the correct position for fm- name alphabetical order.

Recommended practice:

  1. Avoid re-use of messages. Just because a message happens to have the preposition or term you want does not mean that is is the same sense as what it was defined for, or can grammatically be applied in the same way for your context. Safer to simply define a new message.
  2. Templates and forms using strings should record the usage on their talk page. This sets a property used for automatically presenting translators a list of all the context(s) where the term is used. Example talk page message:
{{uses strings|fm-children|fm-edit children facts}}
(key) Label Default Value (english)
fm001fm-address Address line(s) as on an envelope
fm002fm-address warning address lines as they would appear on a letter: separate lines with a plus (+)
fm003fm-alternative names Alternative names
fm004fm-and and
fm005fm-article Article
fm006fm-attendees People involved
fm007fm-baptism Baptism
fm008fm-baptism information change Change baptism/ christening info
fm009fm-baptism information Baptism/ christening information
fm010fm-birth Birth
fm011fm-birth date Birth date
fm012fm-birth information change Change birth information
fm013fm-birth information Birth information
fm014fm-burial Burial
fm015fm-causes Cause(s)
fm016fm-children of Children of
fm017fm-children Children
fm018fm-citizen of Citizen of
fm019fm-contributors Contributors
fm020fm-contributors notice Please add your username (e.g. Robin Patterson; ) if you have made any contribution to this article (use plus (+) to separate names)
fm021fm-coordinates Coordinates
fm022fm-county County
fm023fm-date Date
fm024fm-date calendar Calendar
fm025fm-date end End date
fm026fm-date if bce BCE?
fm027fm-date modifier Date modifier
fm028fm-date partial Partial date
fm029fm-date range Range
fm030fm-date start Start date
fm031fm-date warn exact use only if precise date & time is known
fm032fm-day Day
fm033fm-death Death
fm034fm-death date Death date
fm035fm-death at event Death at event
fm036fm-death information change Change death information
fm037fm-death information Death information
fm038fm-description Description
fm039fm-documents Documents
fm040fm-does not exist does not exist
fm041fm-edit facts Edit facts
fm042fm-edit info Edit info
fm043fm-edit noform Edit article (without form)
fm044fm-edit children facts Edit children facts
fm045fm-edit journeys Edit journeys
fm046fm-edit parent facts Add & edit parents
fm047fm-edit residences Edit residences
fm048fm-education Education
fm049fm-family group Family group
fm050fm-family information Family information
fm051fm-family information change Change family information
fm052fm-family information more Children by other parents
fm053fm-familysearch afn AFN #
fm054fm-father Father
fm055fm-form heading misc properties Notes, people at event, pictures, documents and other files
fm056fm-full name Full name
fm057fm-general information General information
fm058fm-general information change Change general information
fm059fm-given name Given name
fm060fm-honors Honors
fm061fm-husband Husband
fm062fm-image caption Image caption
fm063fm-image width Image width
fm064fm-image Image
fm065fm-joined with Spouse/Partner
fm066fm-joined with-brief Companion
fm067fm-journey Journey
fm068fm-journey information Information- Journey
fm069fm-journey name Description
fm070fm-journey kmz Google earth list of markers for this journey (.KMZ file)
fm071fm-language descriptions World language descriptions
fm072fm-locality long Locality (village/ city)
fm073fm-locality Locality
fm074fm-location Location
fm075fm-location end Destination
fm076fm-location start Start location
fm077fm-marriage Marriage
fm078fm-married question Married?
fm079fm-middle name Middle name
fm080fm-military Military
fm081fm-military information change Change military information
fm082fm-military information Military information
fm083fm-month Month
fm084fm-more (more)
fm085fm-mother Mother
fm086fm-person article change Create an article about a person
fm087fm-person article insert Type person article name below:
fm088fm-person article Article on person
fm089fm-places-other Other place(s)
fm090fm-name Name
fm091fm-nation Nation
fm092fm-nation-subdiv1 Province/State/UK "country"
fm093fm-new search New search
fm094fm-notes Footnote(s)
fm095fm-notes warning Use "<new note>" between notes. Sources and footnotes may contain any text, and most other Wikitext. Special characters: *<< and >> in place of {{ and }} *^^ in place of | vertical bar.
fm096fm-notes warning short Sources and footnotes may use any text or wikitext
fm097fm-occupation Occupation
fm098fm-other files Other files
fm099fm-other versions Other versions
fm100fm-page Page
fm101fm-partial date Partial date
fm102fm-participated in events Events
fm103fm-people People
fm104fm-permission Permission
fm105fm-pictures Pictures
fm106fm-public service Public service
fm107fm-beliefs Belief(s)
fm108fm-remains Remains/Burial/Cremation/Funeral ceremony information
fm109fm-remains short Remains
fm110fm-remains information change Change Burial/Cremation/Funeral information
fm111fm-remains information Remains/Burial/Cremation/Funeral information
fm112fm-residence information change Change residence information
fm113fm-residence information Residence (dwellings) information
fm114fm-residence Residence
fm115fm-schools School(s)
fm116fm-search ancestors Search for people
fm117fm-sex Sex
fm118fm-short description Short description
fm119fm-short name Short name
fm120fm-sibling Sibling
fm121fm-siblings Siblings
fm122fm-signature Signature
fm123fm-sources Source(s)
fm124fm-sources primary Primary sources
fm125fm-sources secondary Secondary sources
fm126fm-street Street/Road eg: "Hunt Avenue"
fm127fm-surname Surname
fm128fm-tags Tags
fm129fm-titles Titles
fm130fm-topic location Topic location
fm131fm-topic sources Topic source(s)
fm132fm-unknown Unknown
fm133fm-upload url Upload URL (http://...)
fm134fm-upload source Upload source
fm135fm-upload warning No source specified. Please edit this image description and provide a source.
fm136fm-uploaded documents Uploaded documents
fm137fm-view ahnentafel View ahnentafel of this individual
fm138fm-warning Warning
fm139fm-wedding information change Change information- wedding
fm140fm-wedding information Information on wedding
fm141fm-wedding Wedding
fm142fm-wife Wife
fm143fm-year Year
fm144fm-tmpl-translation-01 Do you understand
fm145fm-tmpl-translation-02 and
fm146fm-tmpl-translation-03 ? If so, could you help improve Familypedia by translating page
fm147fm-tmpl-translation-04 into
fm148fm-form-interlingua To edit translations of terms used in tables and other portions of Familypedia, please enter the name of the strings page including the language code. For example, for the Spanish language, the page would be Strings:es.
fm149fm-in (location) in
fm150fm-unknown parent Unknown parent
fm151fm-tmpl-children-prefix Offspring of
fm152fm-tmpl-children-middle and
fm154fm-tmpl-children-heading Children
fm155fm-form-interlingua intro On this form, you may translate the familypedia User interface into your language.
fm156fm-form-interlingua edit Edit translations
fm157fm-form-children intro On this form, you may list children for given parents. A group number is shared between the children of the same parents. Adoptees should be in their own group but may have the same parents as a group of biological children. To change other parent name or marrital status, use the general form (simple or advanced).
fm158fm-tmpl-shownotes-heading Citations and remarks
fm159fm-general General
fm160fm-form-journeys intro On this form, you may list travels, vacations, or migrations.
fm161fm-topic warning Do Not state the creation date or location of the work. Record the date and location of the event depicted by the work.
fm162fm-form-media facts intro This form allows you to record information on Images and other files that have been uploaded. Please note that Familypedia is focused on historical events. The date or location that a photo was taken of a statue or a painting is not of primary interest. All dates and places fields on this form should relate to the topic or subject matter of the work, not the date or details of the work itself. For example, a painting of the battle of Hastings may have been painted in the 18th century, but this is not the topic date. The topic date would be the date of the battle of Hastings. If desired, please include details such as creation date and current location of the work in the notes field.
fm163fm-author Author
fm164fm-form-person intro Enter information about a person using this page. Familypedia's form will help you enter what is known about the person. You may return to the form at any time to correct or add information. Narrative text for the article is generally not added in the form, but is instead added later using either Familypedia's free form word processor or standard wiki markup. After publishing the form, please use the "edit this page" menu item to enter into the word processor so that you may add pictures and headings and format the text as you wish.
fm165fm-see below See below
fm166fm-information related topics Information on related topics
fm167fm-tmpl-media facts licensing Licensing
fm168fm-bce BCE
fm169fm-date modifier keys (c = Circa, bef = Before, aft = After)
fm170fm-document type Type of document
fm171fm-topic date Topic date
fm172fm-small Small
fm173fm-medium Medium
fm174fm-large Large
fm175fm-form-media display width Display recommended widths
fm176fm-form-awards intro On this form, you may list awards for presentation in a visual list.
fm177fm-form-residences intro On this form, you may list places where the person resided.
fm178fm-for translations For a translation into your language:
See Strings.en and click on the language at the top of the page. If the language is not listed, copy the contents created by another and create a page corresponding to the country code that you set your user preference to. Then use the form to fill out the translations of the phrases.
fm179fm-notice use semicolons Note- Please do not use commas, semicolons, or new lines to separate items in lists of partners, children, or contributors. Instead use the plus key (+).
fm180fm-view ancestors View ancestors of this individual
fm181fm-view descendants View descendants of this individual
fm182fm-view pedigree View pedigree of this individual
fm183fm-warning form buttons Warning- If you have made changes on this form, Be sure to use this "Publish" button before jumping elsewhere with the buttons below.
fm184fm-advanced form Advanced form
fm185fm-simple form Simple form
fm186fm-additional info Additional information
fm187fm-skills Skill(s)
fm188fm-form-interwiki intro Wikipedia article link form (interwikis): Enter the language code in the left hand column and the article name as it appears in the Wikipedia for that language.
fm189fm-form-interwiki change Add or edit Wikipedia links
fm190fm-form-interwiki language Language
fm191fm-form-interwiki article Wikipedia article
fm192fm-form-create sensor page Create or update sensor page
fm193fm-form-create sensor intro This form is for creating or updating new sensor pages only. This page is like a control panel for an article about a person and performs maintenance tasks necessary for enhancing article quality.

To create or update a sensor page, type the name of an existing article with /sensor following; stricly speaking, the page URL should be like page/article name/sensor
fm194fm-form-create sensor message To finish updating the Sensor page, press the save button.
fm195fm-form-create tab Create tab
fm196fm-form-create tree intro This form is for creating new Family ancestor tree pages only. The page displays up to 6 generations of ancestors in a graphical tree with photos and short bios if provided.

To create this page, type the name of an existing article with /tree following.
fm197fm-form-create tree message To finish creating the Ancestor tree page, click the save button. After this step, click the Update Sensor button and the tree tab should appear; edit the article and it should show tabs too.
fm198fm-tab tree Ancestor tree
fm199fm-tab ahnentafel Ahnentafel
fm200fm-tab biography Biography
fm214fm-tab BDM
fm201fm-tab descendants Descendants
fm202fm-tab pedigree Pedigree
fm203fm-tab pictures Pictures
fm204fm-tab ancestors Ancestors
fm205fm-tab main Main
fm206fm-tab documents Documents
fm207fm-form-create subpage intro This form is for creating an article tab such as for pictures and ahnentafels.
fm208fm-form-create subpage message To finish creating the tab, click the save button. After this step you will have to click the Update Sensor button for the tree tab to appear.
See Help:Picture pages for further information on how to create a pictures tab for your article.
fm209fm-form-create descendants intro This form is for creating new descendant pages only. The page displays several generations of descendants in a tabular format.

To create this page, type the name of an existing article with /descendants following.
fm210fm-form-create descendants message To finish creating the descendants page, click the save button. After this step, click the Update Sensor button and the descendants tab should appear; edit the article and it should show tabs too.
fm211fm-tab descendants Descendants
fm212fm-intro descendants Descendancy outline for up to 8 generations of descendants of
fm213fm-with With

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