Sue & Alice Mary

Sue (left) with Alice Mary Boyd

Susan Constance Osterkamp is one of five greatgrandchildren of Hicke Osterkamp and the former Caroline Nicolai, and one of four greatgrandchildren of Joseph Martin and the former Elise Mueller. This site has not yet attempted a biography of her, mainly because this is a present for her brother, and he already knows all about her. But as is clear from the photos below, she was a cute kid!
Mammoth Cave

Sue (left) with her parents and brother


Sue's Kirkwood home as a child

Family Edit


 Charles McConnell (1934-)


 Cliff Osterkamp (1892-1959)
 Constance Osterkamp (Waite) (1909-1983)


 Waite Osterkamp (b. 1939)


 Robert Osterkamp (1855-1915)
 Augusta Osterkamp (Martin) (1857-1923)
 Herbert H. Waite (1868-1931)
 Mary Waite (Ames) (1874-1911)


 Hicke Osterkamp (1819-1889)
 Caroline Osterkamp (Nicolai) (1829-1884)
 Joseph Martin (1829-1894)
 Elise Martin (Mueller) (c.1828-1906)
 Elbridge Waite (1847-1???)
 Emma Waite (1849-1???)
 John Ames (1846-19??)
 Elizabeth Shaw (1854-1916)

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