• Born: ABT 1617/18 at: Over Whitacre, Warwickshire, England
  • Married: 1 MAR 1637/38 at: Holy Trinity Church, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
  • Died: 18 OCT 1699 at: West Bridgewater Plymouth MA
  • Spouse: Samuel Edson (1613-1692)There is major confusion over the spouse of Deaon Samuel Edson.  The early records state that he married Susanna Orcutt in 1676 while some records state that he married Sussanah Bickley in 1637/38.  Susannah Bickley's sister in fact married an Orcutt and bore a son named William that eventually came to live with his aunt Sussanah Bickley Edson in Massacheutts. It is possible that early researchers confused William as Sussanah's brother rather than correctly as her nephew. Thus, assuming her maiden name to be Orcutt.