Vital StatisticsEdit


Susannah is the daughter of Eunice Brook (c1740-) and Joshua Holmes (c1740-).




On marriage certificate: The only information is Henry Cable and Susannah Holmes married on 10th February, 1788.

On burial certificate: Susannah Kable, of Windsor, age 63, buried on 8 November 1825, at Windsor, registered at St M. Windsor D. Not stated who performed the ceremony, and it was Church of England.


Early LifeEdit

On 19 March 1784, at Thetford, Norfolk, Susannah was tried for burglary. She was sentenced to transportation for 14 years, and left England on the Friendship aged about 22 at that time (May 1787). She arrived with the First Fleet on 26 January 1788. Henry Kable married Susannah on 10 February 1788, in a group marriage of three (or possibly five) couples, the first weddings in the colony. They had met in gaol and she had given birth to his child, Henry, in gaol in 1786.




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