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Another family member has done some research that shows Susannah not being born in Australia. She arrived here with her parents at about 1 year of age. At the same time they admit not being able to find birth details for her. The information given to me isn't sourced. Now that I'm checking, my earlier information also isn't sourced. Anything could change.

From the Census of New South Wales, November 1828, George and Susannah Kable are in Bathurst, as we'd expect, and beside Susannah it says she came free on the Nile in 1801. From Shipping Arrivals and Departures, Sydney, 1788-1825 by J.S. Climpston, we have the Nile arriving on 14th December 1801. The Nile came from London and was going on to China.

Most family history covering Susannah Jones on the net says she dies on 18 July 1848 in Bathurst. No one states their source of information or gives any explanatory notes. I now have a burial certificate for Susan Kable, Bathurst, 48 years, wife of George Kable, died 18 July 1848. No one else mentions her name morphing into Susan between marriage and death. I am pretty sure this is the same person simply because the details are so close that is unlikely to be a coincidence, especially as the population of Bathurst was still quite small in 1848, and I have decided to go with the information on this certificate. This burial certificate is very brief and the only other information is: ceremony performed at Parish and County of Bathurst and by Thomas Sharp Church of England.

On marriage certificate: extra details include the authority: license, and it was a Church of England ceremony.

On death certificate: Susan Kable of Bathurst, 48 years, wife of George Kable, died 18 July, 1848, buried 21 July 1848. Ceremony performed at parish and county of Bathurst by Thomas Sharpe of the Church of England.


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