Susannah Roberts
Sex: Female
Birth: c1771
Death: c1841
Spouse/Partner: Christopher Pollard
Marriage: 5 October 1795 Sancreed, Cornwall

Susannah was the wife of Cornish smuggler, Christopher Pollard. During the 1790s, Christopher the smuggler was charged with obstructing and assaulting revenue officers and had fled to Guernsey in order to escape the consequences of his crimes. This is believed to be the reason for the uncertain date of the birth of the couple's first child. Then, in the early months of the Napoleonic War, the need of men for the services and home defense meant that an amnesty was made. Royal Proclamation was made that any smuggler who had fled the country should, provided he was not charged with murder, be permitted to return without fear of arrest, on his entering into bond to refrain from smuggling practices in the future. Christopher signed the bond and returned to Cornwall, but could not escape his smuggling practices. In 1805, he was again charged with smuggling and inciting a riot on a beach where his smuggled goods were being stored. On this occasion, Christopher was found not guilty, the principle witness for the prosecution being a woman of notorious character, who was known to accuse persons of acts as a means of revenge for perceived wrongdoings. The entire trial is described online, from the Old Bailey transcripts located at

Family LifeEdit

Susannah gave birth to 11 children with Christopher , details of which are provided below. Unfortunetly, further details about Susannah and her life are unknown.


Name Birth Death
Children of Christopher & Susannah Pollard

Christopher 1795-1798

William 13/10/1799
Madron, Cornwall

John 1/1/1802
St Just in Penzance, Cornwall
Creswick, Victoria, Australia

Susanna 6/3/1803
Madron, Cornwall

Maria 6/9/1805
Madron, Cornwall

Lydia 27/11/1808
Madron, Cornwall

Joseph 2/12/1810
Madron, Cornwall

Janifer 5/4/1812
Madron, Cornwall

Mary Ann 25/8/1816
Madron, Cornwall

Job 26/7/1818
Madron, Cornwall

Elizabeth 4/6/1820
Madron, Cornwall


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  • Geneaology information from Peter Underdown