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128. Michael Woods born about 1684 in Dunshauglin Castle, Meath County, Ireland, died 1762 in Albemarle County, Virginia, married about 1700 in Ireland.

From a book "Pioneer Strength, etc" page 26 is an account of the early Woods Family.
"The Woods family of Ireland in early 18th century became involved in a time of great movement. The family being dissenters and Presbyterians like many in the same place and time, longed to escape persecution and the religious bigotry of England. To make a new life in the American colonies became the dream in so many minds because it was a promise of freedom. This particular family named Woods are thought to be of pure English or Anglo-Scotch blood who, prior to 1650 were connected with the English Established Church. Life for them in Ireland was eventually unbearable. So it was that in 1742 did Michael Woods along with his brothers and sister set sail for the New World."
From "The Daily Progress" Charlottesville, Virginia, 1762-1962.
Michael Woods Led a Band of Settlers. Most of Albemarle's first settlers followed a gradual westward movement from the Tidewater. Mighty Michael Woods did not. In 1734 this ancestor of countless local residents and scores of western pioneers brought a band across the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Valley of Virginia. They had come from Pennsylvania traveling over 200 miles and are believed to have been the first whites to come through Woods' Gap - now Jarman's Gap - by the old Indian trail. There were 25 or 30 of them. Michael's wife, Mary Campbell, his sons and his sons-in-law and their families. They took up large holdings from Greenwood to Ivy. In 1737 Woods entered a claim for 1,300 acres on Mechum River and Lickinghole Creek. He also purchased 2,000 acres on the head waters of Ivy Creek.
Woods was born in the north of Ireland in 1684 and came to this country "sometime in the decade of 1720. Landing on the banks of the Delaware, he spent some years in Lancaster County, Pa., thence ascended the Valley of Virginia and crossed the Blue Ridge" His home was near the mouth of Woods Gap and there he was buried in 1762 in the family burying ground a short distance from the dwelling. His will mentioned six children, three sons and three daughters.
Historians say there is evidence that there were four other children, two sons and two daughters.
Miss Mary Rawlings, in her books "Ante-Bellum Albemarle," wrote that the family was Scotch or Scotch-Irish, a family of education and refinement.
One of Michael's daughters, Hannah, was married to William Wallace who settled on the Piedmont plantation in the Greenwood neighborhood. This land remains in the hands of the Wallace family.
While many of the family descendents remained here, many more joined the westward movement. They went to the other areas of Virginia then being settled, and they went west and south-to Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio-where they were prominent in the early affairs and government of those areas.
Of Michael Woods Home, Miss Rawlings wrote "the original name of the plantation was Mountain Plains, the Mountain Plains Church having been built on a part of the land and named in commemoration.
"With the passing of the property to Chief Justice John Blair prior to 1788, the name of the home was changed and it has since been known as Blair Park."

129. Mary Campbell born about 1690 in Argylshire, Scotland, died about 1765 in Albemarle County, Virginia.

From a book "Pioneer Strength, etc" page 32. "She was descended from a Scottish family of many tribes septs. She was a descendant of the House of the Duke of Argyle. Her father was Sir James Campbell, 5th Baronet of Archinbreck. Her mother was Lady Susan Campbell of Cawder, second wife of Sir James.

128A. (William 7) Woods born 2 November 1705 in Dunshaughlin, Meath County, Ireland, died 12 April 1782 in Fincastle County, Virginia.
128B. Archibald Woods born 11 May 1706 in Meath County, Ireland, died 11 December 1784 in Roanoke County, Virginia, married Isabella Goss in 1734.
128Ba. Michael Woods born 10 November 1735, died 27 January 1808, married first to Jean Leackey on 27 February 1762.
128Ba1. Archibald Woods born 15 June 1763, married 31 March 1801 to Hannah Kilogh.
Michael Woods married second on 24 December 1767 to Margaret Trimble born 27 August 1740.
128Ba2. Isabella Woods born 3 September 1768.
128Ba3. Michael Woods born 11 December 1771, married 11 September 1800 in Green County, Tennessee to Esther Shields.
128Ba3a. James Woods born 28 September 1801, died 2 October 1863, married Martha Harle on 17 October 1826.
128Ba3b. William Woods born 30 April 1804, married 26 January 1826 to Rebecca Hall.
128Ba3c. John Woods born 2 January 1807.
128Ba3d. Newton Woods born 1 April 1809.
128Ba3e. Margaret Woods born 10 December 1811.
128Ba3f. Archibald Woods born 15 June 1814.
128Ba3g. Green Woods born 1 April 1817, died 19 October 1821.
128Ba3h. Samuel Shields Woods born 12 September 1819.
128Ba3i. Jane Woods born 17 September 1821.
128Ba3j. Lucinda Woods born 9 August 1825, married 28 November 1843 to James Evans.
128Ba4. Jane Woods born 2 March 1774.
128Ba5. William Woods born 21 May 1777.
128Ba6. Rosannah Woods born 1 January 1780.
128Ba7. Green Woods born 13 August 1783, married 28 December 1802 to Mary Clarke.

Michael Woods married third to Agnes Shields Gilliland.

128Bb. John Woods died 3 September 1792 in Charlestown.
128Bc. Margaret Woods christened 16 December 1740, died 3 September 1792.
128Bd. Sarah Woods born about 1742, died 1794 married Willis Breazeale
128Be. William Woods born 1744, died 20 February 1804 married Susannah Catherine Macklin.
128Bf. Isabella Woods born 1746, died 1830 married Major John Cozby.
128Bg. Susannah Woods born 1747 married John Trimble.
128Bh. Hannah Woods born 1750, died 1819 married James Cowan.
128Bi. James Woods.


128Bi1. James Woods
128Bi2. John Woods
128Bi3. Archibald Woods
128Bi4. Andrew Woods
128Bi5. Joseph Woods
128Bj.Archibald Woods.
128Bk. Andrew Woods.
128Bl. Joseph Woods died about 1840 in Roanoke, Virginia.
128C. Magdalen Woods born in 1706 in Ireland, died 1810 in Virginia, married first 14 December 1734 to John McDowell, son of Ephraim McDowell.
128Ca. Samuel McDowell (Judge) born 27 December 1735, died 25 September 1817 in Danville, Kentucky, married 17 January 1754 to Mary McClung, was a Colonel in Revolutionary War. 128Cb. James McDowell born about 1739 in Virginia, died 1771 in Virginia, married Elizabeth Cloyd.
128Cc. Sarah Martha McDowell christened 16 October 1741, married George Moffett, had eleven children, no further information.
Magdalen Woods married second Benjamin Borden, Jr.
128Cd. Martha Borden married 1st to Benjamine Hawkins, married 2nd to Robert Harvey.
128Ce. Hannah Borden born 1753, died 1753.
Magdalen Woods married third to John Boyer. Magdalen lived to about 103 years of age.
128D. Michael Woods born 1708 in Ireland, died 11 March 1777 in Boutitourt County, Virginia, married Ann Lambert.
128Da. Jane Woods born about 1735 in Goochland County, Virginia, married William Buster II
128Db. Susannah Woods born about 1736 in Abemarle County, Virginia married John Cowan.
128Dc. Samuel Woods born about 1738, christened 16 December 1740, died 3 February 1826, married Margaret _______, had one son.
128Dd. Elizabeth Woods married D. Shepard.
128De. William (Baptist Billy) Woods died 1819 in Livingston County, Kentucky, married Joanna Shepherd.

128De1. Micah Woods born in 1776, died 23 March 1837, married Sarah Rhodes, widow of William Davenport.
128De1a. William S. Woods died at age 25.
128De1b. John Rodes Woods born 1815, died 1885, married 1843 to Sabina Lewis Stuart Creigh.
128De1b1. Margaret Lynn Woods born 1863, married 1887 to Warner Wood.
128De1c. Robert Harris Woods died at age 21.
Micah Woods married second Lucy Walker.
128De1d. Martha Woods married General John Wilson.
128De1e. Mary Woods married James Garth.
128De1f. Elizabeth Woods married Captain John Humphreys.
128De1g. Henry Woods died young.
128Df. Magdalena Woods born 1755, died 1830 in Lexington, Virginia married William Campbell, no issue.
128Dg. David Woods died in October 1786 married Mary Mcafee.
128Dh. Martha Woods born 1753 married Thomas Moore in June 1795.
128Di. Sarah Woods died 2 May 1814 married Hugh Logan.
128Dj. Ann Woods born in 1757
128Dk. Mary Woods.
128Dl. John Woods.
128Dm. Margaret Woods born in 1760 in Albemarle County, Virginia married David Gray.
128Dm1. David Gray.
128Dm2. William Gray married Kittie Bird Winn in 1812.

128E. Hannah Woods born 1710 in Ireland, married her first cousin William Wallace on 20 March 1732. (For downline information see Wallace family.)
128F. John Woods born 19 February 1712 in Ireland, died 14 October 1791 in Albermarle County, Virginia, married Susannah Anderson.


128Fa. James Woods born 21 January 1743, died 11 September 1823, married 25 February 1779 to Mary Garland born 13 October 1760, died 1835, daughter of James Garland and Mary Rice.


128Fa1. John Woods born 25 February 1780.
128Fa2. Mary Woods born 6 January 1782.
128Fa3. James Garland Woods born 23 April 1783.
128Fa4. William Woods born 9 May 1784.
128Fa5. Sarah Woods born 1 January 1786.
128Fa6. Anderson Woods born 18 January 1788, died 22 October 1841, married on 4 May 1809 in Madison County, Kentucky. to Elizabeth Harris who died 13 October 1868.
128Fa7. Susannah Woods born 1 September 1789.
128Fa8. Rice Woods born 6 November 1790.
128Fa9. Michael Woods born 5 January 1792.
128Fa10. Mary Rice Woods born 24 September 1795 in Albermarle County, Virginia, died 31 August 1876, married on 1 December 1814 in Garrard County, Kentucky to Overton Harris, had seven children, no further information.
128Fa11. Elizabeth Woods born 7 June 1798.

128Fa12. Frances Woods born 26 April 1800, died 11 February 1836, married 14 October 1817 to William Slavin, had seven children, no further information.

128Fa13. Nathanial Woods born 25 August 1803.
128G. Richard Woods born 1715 in Ireland, died 1779 in Boutitourt County, Virginia, married first Margaret Woods, married second to Elizabeth A. Stuart, daughter of David Stuart. Also married Jennie________. (Book by Patsy Woods Young & Melba Woods Rugg lists these children: Elizabeth, William, George, Richard Jr., some other sources also list these children: Samuel and Benjamine.)
128H. Margaret Woods born 1714 born in Ireland, died before 1761, married her first cousin Andrew Wallace in October 1735. (See downline information under Andrew Wallace).
128I. Martha Woods born 1720 in Albemarle County, Virginia, died 1790, married her first cousin Peter Wallace, Jr about 1739. (See Wallace family for downline information)
128J. Andrew Woods born 1722, died 1781 or 1783 in Boutitourt County, Virginia, married Martha Poage. daughter of Robert Poage of Augusta, Georgia.


128Ja. James Woods born 1751, died 27 January 1817, married Anne (Nancy) Reyburn.
128Jb. Elizabeth Woods born 1753, married David Cloyd.
128Jc. Rebecca Woods born 1755, married Isaac Kelly.
128Jd. Robert Woods born 1757, died 17 July 1831, married (1) Lovely Caldwell (2) Elizabeth Eoff.
128Je. Andrew Woods born 1759, died 19 February 1831, married Mary McCullough.
128Jf. Archibald Woods born 14 November 1764, died 26 October 1846, married Anne Poage.
128Jg. Mary Woods born 19 February 1766, died 25 May 1830, married James Poage.
128Jh. Martha Woods born 1767, died 14 December 1834, married Henry Walker.
128K. Sarah Woods born 1724, died about 1792, married about 1741 to Joseph Lapsley.


128Ka. Joseph Lapsley born 1734, died 1792.
128Kb. _nn Lapsley.
128Kc. Mary Lapsley.
128Kd. John Lapsley married Mary Armstrong.
128Ke. Martha Lapsley
128Kf. James Lapsley.

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