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The following is a tree representing Svantepolk's immediate ancestors. The numbers to the right of the tree indicate that the chart is continued in a subsequent section of this article.

Immediate AncestorsEdit

  • Svantepolk Knutson (c1230-1310) (Svantepolk of Viby in Wikipedia)
    • Knute Valdemarsen (?-1260) (Canute, Duke of Reval in Wikipedia)
      • Valdemar II of Denmark (1170-1241) (Valdemar II of Denmark in Wikipedia) #1
      • Helene Guttormsdatter (1172-1211)
        • Guttorm Åsulvson (Swedish earl)
          • Åsulv Skuleson på Rein
          • Tora Skoftesdatter of Giske
            • Skofte Ogmundsson of Giske (1045-1103)
              • Ogmund Thorbergsson of Giske (1023-1050)
                • Thorberg Arnesson
                  • Arni Arnmodsson
                    • Arnmod Arnvidarsson
                      • Arnvid Thorarinsson
                        • Thorarinn Bullifak Finnvidsson
                          • Finnvid Fundni
                  • Thora Thorsteinsdatter
                    • Thorstein Galge
                • Ragnhild Erlingsdatter
                  • Erling Skjalgsson
                    • Thorolf Skjalg Ogmundsson
                      • Ogmund Aslak Karasson
                        • Horda Kari Aslaksson
                          • Aslak Bifrakari Aunsson
                            • Aun Arnasson
                              • Orn Hyrna Thorisson
                                • Thorir Svina Bodvarsson
                                  • Bodvar Svina Kaunsson
                                    • Kaun Solgasson
                                      • Solgi Hrolfsson
                                        • Hrolf Svasasson
                                          • Svasi Jotun Asathorsson
                                            • Asathor Odinsson
                                          • Ashild Eysteinsdatter
                      • Gyrdsdatter
                        • Gyrd
                    • ? Sveinsdatter
                      • Svein
                  • Astrid Tryggvesdatter
                    • Tryggve Olafsson
                    • Astrid Eiriksdatter
                      • Eirik Karisson Bjordaskalle
                        • Kari Sigurdsson (Viking)
                          • Sigurd Eiriksson Bjodaskali
            • ? Tordsdatter
        • Eldrid Jonsdatter of Blindheim
          • Jon Smjørbalte
    • ? (descendant of the ducal family of Pomerelia)

Royal LineagesEdit

  1. Valdemar was a King of Denmark.
  2. Tostig was an earl of the House of Wessex. For a list of Tostig's known ancestors, click here.
  3. Judith was a countess of Flanders. For a list of her known ancestors, click here.
  4. Harold was a King of Norway.
  5. Halfdan the Mild was a Norwegian petty king. For a list of his known ancestors, click here.
  6. Halfdan Hvitbeinn was a Norweigian petty king and the paternal grandfather of Halfdan the Mild. For a list of his known ancestors, click here.


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