Born Andersson November 1 1879 in Ljusseveka, Haga, Värnamo, Jönköping county..


Anders Peter Svensson, b. April 30 1849 in Västhorja Mellangård, Petersberg, Värnamo, d. unknown.

March 27 1873 married to

Sara Stina Andersdotter, b. February 23 1840 in Fällan, Risbygd, Gällaryd, Jönköping county, d. June 3 1899.


Anna Lena (1873-1929), gift Svensson.
Gustaf (1873- ?), frisör i Hudiksvall, gift med Hildur (d. 1947).
Frans Emil (1877-1954), möbelfabrikör i Värnamo (Haga Möbelfabrik).
Agda Kristina (1882-1966), gift Höglund.


Married April 20 1908 in Falköping, Västergötland county to Nanny Amanda Natalia, maiden name Sjögren.


Edith Dagmar Maria
Nils Ragnar
Gustav Vilhelm
Anders Valter


Sven Johan died from a heart attack on December 8 1915 in Länna Bruk, Almunge parish, Uppland county.


Sven Johan joined the Navy in Karlskrona, Blekinge county at an early age and was a “flag corporal” (Sw: flaggkorpral) when in 1905 he met his wife-to-be, Nanny Sjögren. She was 18 years old and worked as a maid in Karlskrona. After leaving the Navy he became a metal founder (gjutare) first working at Kallinge Bruk in Blekinge.

When Nanny moved to Tidaholm in Västergötland county for job at a hat factory, he followed and got a job as metal founder in Falköping, about 20 miles (30km) away. Nanny told that he walked almost every weekend to Tidaholm to see her, though working until 1 pm on Saturdays. They married in Falköping 1907 and on September 2 1908 the first child, Edith, was born. In the same place followed Nils 1910 and Gustav 1911.

There was plenty of work for metal founders in those days, and Sven Johan soon moved to Linköping in Östergötland county with the family. Next stop was Huskvarna in Jönköping county and the big factory there, “Husqvarna Vapenfabrik”. From there they continued 1915 to Länna Bruk in Almunge parish, Uppland county.

This must have been after the yearly residential registration, as they still belonged to Huskvarna parish and Nanny was forced to return there soon after Sven Johan's death on December 8 1915. Anyhow, they lived in Länna Bruk in the end of September, when the last child, Anders, was born.

Sven Johan died from a heart attack early in the morning. A heavy snowfall the night before had forced him to walk in very deep snow to the factory. Arriving there he just said “Hello” to his workmates and then fell backwards into a sand heap and died in an instant, at the age of 36.

He was a cheerful soul who often sang current popular songs, according to his wife, but he was also engaged in trade union and society matters.