Yevdokim Lemzin (c1870)
Nicolai Lemzin (c1904)
Ivan Lemzin (1941)
Ostap Bondarenko (bef1892)
Praskovia Bondarenko(c1912) [1]
Svetlana Lemzina (1972)
Yakov Durakoff (bef1870)
Sergei Durakoff (c1890) [2][3]
Vasiliy Naumov (1923) [4][5]
Ludmila Naumova (1947)
Andrey Buslayev(before1903)
Maria Buslayeva (1926)
Skleteya Buslayeva(before1903)


  1. ^ Praskovia Died 1978
  2. ^ Sergei's wife was not russian but was thought to be of TatarWp globe tiny from MordoviaWp globe tiny. She was very beautiful but no one wanted to marry her because her eyes were always tearing up. Sergei wanted to marry another girl, but was not permitted because she was from a much richer family. In a rage, Sergei asked for the Mordovian girl's hand and her parents gladly accepted. She died at age 29.
  3. ^ Sergeo's second wife was Fiokla, who had only one eye because of an accident with scissors. Sergei and Fiokla were very religious, but converted to baptism from orthodox russian when they moved Ural region of Russia. He hated the soviets so he would either move to siberia or asia. He hated to be cold so he moved to central asia (Kyrgyzstan). He brought fruit plants because he thought it would be a desert. Sergei and Fiokla's bible dated from perhaps the 18th century and was given to the Baptist society of Kant around the year 1979. The bible may have been from Fiokla's family. The Society later moved to Germany in 1987.
  4. ^ Vasiliy's oldest brother decided to change name from Durakoff which many think means fool. Actually, Durakoff in pagan times meant a force that would protect a family from black magic/ dark forces. In any case, the elder brother decided to change his last name to Naumov which means clever. Literally "uhm"- "brainy".
  5. ^ Vasily was youngest Vladimir was the name of another brother

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