Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Oakwood Township, Wabasha County, Minnesota

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Founded 1874 as part of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Located in Millville, Minnesota.


Familypedia Page Last Name First Name Middle Name(s) Maiden Name Birth Year Birth Date Death Year Death Date Text Notes Image
Peterson Christine T. 1840 1930
Peter M. Peterson (1838-1931) Peterson Peter M. 1838 1931
Cora Peterson (1913-1931) Peterson Cora 1913 1931 Daughter
Neal Peterson (1878-1954) Peterson Neal 1878 1954 Same stone as Elsie Peterson
Peterson Elsie 1887 1975 Same stone as Neal Peterson (1878-1954)
Otto A. Ohlson (1863-1936) Ohlson Otto A. 1863 1936
Carlson Ida 1852 1933
Peterson Cecelia 1915 1941
Erickson Emma E. 1856 1939 Mother Erickson family stone
Erick Erickson (1849-1934) Erickson Erick 1849 1934 Father Erickson family stone
Edward C. Erickson (1885-1929) Erickson Edward C. 1885 1929 Erickson family stone
Alfred C. Erickson (1890-1920) Erickson Alfred C. 1890 1920 Erickson family stone
Erickson Ida J. 1892 1994 Erickson family stone
Alfred Erickson (1886-1886) Erickson Alfred 1886 1886 Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Erickson family stone
Peter Erickson (-) Erickson Peter Co. G 10th Minn. Inf.
Ole Olson (1866-1938) Olson Ole 1866 1938 Father Same stone as Harry Olson (1886-1894)
Harry Olson (1886-1894) Olson Harry 1886 1894 Son Same stone as Ole Olson (1866-1938)
Mary Mattsson (1871-1874) Mattsson Mary 1871 1874 Daughter of M. & J. Mattsson. Died Apr 18, 1874 agd 2yrs, 8mos, &14 ds. Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers
Matts Mattsson (1889-1890) Mattsson Matts 1889 1890 Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers
Samuel W. Ohlson (1826-1897) Ohlson Samuel W. 1826 Oct 24 1897 May 9 Born in Sweden.
Trank Celia 1842 1921
Ina Hagen (1877-1882) Hagen Ina 1877 Feb 11 1882 Dec 2 Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers, hard to read
Ole Johnson (1834-1911) Johnson Ole 1834 1911 Same stone as Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson 1837 1918 Same stone as Ole Johnson (1834-1911)

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