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Lineage to CharlemagneEdit

  1. Charlemagne (747-814) = Karel I CHARLEMAGNE, Patricius Romanorum der Franken 742-814
  2. Lodewijk I de Vrome der Franken 778-840 = Louis the Pious (778-840)
  3. Karel II der Franken 823-877 = Charles the Bald (823-877)
  4. Judith der Franken ca 844-870 = Judith (844-870)
  5. Boudewijn II van Vlaanderen ca 864-918 = Baldwin II, Count of Flanders (c865-918)
  6. Arnulf I van Vlaanderen ca 890-964/965 = Arnulf I, Count of Flanders (c890-965)
  7. Hildegarde van Vlaanderen 935/936-975/985 = Hildegard of Flanders (935-990)
  8. Arnulf van Holland ca 951-993 = Aarnout van Holland (951-993)
  9. Siegfried van HOLLAND 985-1030 = Siegfried van Holland (985-1030)
  10. Symon Sifridsz van BREDERODE van TEYLINGEN = Symon Sifridsz van TEYLINGEN (?-?)

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