This page documents the 'Szczęsny family' that resided between the cities of Płońsk and Płock in Poland since the 1700s. At least one branch of the family continue to reside in Płock, while several other branches have emigrated the the United States.

Family #1: Wincenty Szczęsny FamilyEdit

Family #2: Anna Szczęsna FamilyEdit

Family #3: Emanuel Szczesny FamilyEdit


The following map illustrates the towns of Wilamowice and Kucice in Poland.

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Immigration to the United StatesEdit

Two brothers Wojciech Szczęsny (1854-aft1892) and Marcin Szczęsny (c1860-aft1889), had at least eight children who immigrated to Jersey City, New Jersey, in the early 20th century.

World War IEdit

According to an e-mail from Wiesława Rudowska, Jan Szczęsny (1842-?), brother of Wojciech and Marcin, died in World War I, along with his sons, presumably in Poland.

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