Gh I Tasca

Gh I. Tasca

The Tașcă family is a Romanian family of landowners. Several members of the family have made their presence felt in Romanian politics, literature, sciences and arts.

The family traces its roots to the Middle Ages, to a certain Dragoş Cneaz of Giulești in the province of Maramureș documented in 1319. His son, Giulea, Cneaz of Giulești is documented as having moved to Moldavia on September 15, 1349, probably in the suite of voievode Dragoș. For several generations the family still kept its fiefdom in Maramureș. During the reign of Alexander the Good, the family took the name of Giulici, Danciu Giulici being known to have been member of the voievode's council in 1421.

The male part of the family becoming extinct, the lineage was continued through marriage to the Jora family, through Todirașcu Jora, staroste of Tecuci. (1552). In 1606, Marica Jora married Avram Mișihănescu, the lineage being afterwards again transmitted in 1671 by the marriage of Tudosca Mișihănescu to Vasile Balaban. The last of the Balaban's was Great Captain Constantin L. Balaban (1780–1845) who only had two daughters:

  • Maria Balaban, who married Captain Dumitrache Gh. Tașcă
  • Paraschiva Balaban who married one of her cousins, Ion Balaban.

Count of Giulești
Giulă (c1365-c1410)
Danciu Giulici (c1390-c1440)
Giula (Gyula) of Giulești
Cneaz of Giulești
Iliaș Ceașnic
Marina Ceașnic
Cneaz of Giulești
Cneaz of Giulești
Cneaz of Giulești
Cneaz of Giulești
Cneaz of Giulești
Cneaz of Giulești
Cneaz of Giulești
Marușca Pântece
Neacșa Posadnic
Ionașcu Jora (c1510-c1570)
Toader Jora
Marica Jora
Ionașcu Mișihănescu
Coste Posadnic (c1450-c1500)Todirașcu Jora
Avram Mișihănescu
Isac Mișihănescu (c1610-1675)
Ihtimie Mișihănescu
Tudoșca Mișihănescu
Todirașcu Balaban
Ioan Balaban
Lupu Balaban
Constantin Balaban
Grozava Coroiu
Vasile Balaban
Tofana Coroiu (c1705-c1765)Sanda Pană
Ioniță (Niță) Tașcă
Stan Tașcă
Petre Tașcă
Ioan Tașcă
Gheorghe Tașcă
Dumitrache Tașcă
Ilinca Maxim
Gheorghe I. Tașcă
Continues with
branch of
Gheorghe I. Tașcă
Maria Balaban
Panaite Tașcă
Maria (Marghioala Dabija
Ileana Artinov
Iorgu Dabija
Ecaterina (Catinca) Tașcă
Elena Codreanu
Vasile Dabija
Sevastița Dabija
Ștefanache Tașcă
Sterian Dimitriu
Ilinca Botez
Ecaterina Dabija
Ion Tașcă (Breahna)
Gheorghe Varlaam
Anita Romanița
Natalia Dabija
Toader Tașcă
Ion Antonescu
Constatin Silion

Maria's oldest daughter, Catinca Tașcă married sluger Vasile Dabija. Her daughter, Maria (Marghioala) Dabija married again in the Tașcă family. Her husband, Gheorghe Tașcă is considered the patriarch of the modern branch of the Tașcă family.

Tasca Family

Gheorghe I. Tașcă and Maria Tașcă surrounded by their twelve children on the patriarch's 80th birthday

Tasca Family 2

Gheorghe I. Tașcă and Maria Tașcă surrounded by their family on the patriarch's 80th birthday

For detailed genealogical tree see Tașcă family/Continued


  • George-Felix Tașcă - Din descendenţa marelui căpitan Constantin Balaban (1780–1845) - Institutul de Istorie şi Arheologie A.D. Xenopol Iași - Al IV-lea simpozion de studii genealogice 13-15 mai 1993.
    * Ştefan Gorovei - Înrudirile cronicarului Grigore Ureche - Anuarul de lingvistică şi istorie literară 1973

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