• store exact image of the Gedcom record, so that it may be exported. See Genealogy:GEDCOM files.
    • Gedcoms use internal ID numbers, so it makes sense to use a "database" name corresponding to the gedcom(s) in which the internal ID numbers are valid. This is what World Connect does.
  • Keep Source info distinct from article on the individual. A gedcom file is one source of information on the individual. The source info for each individual in the gedcom should be presented as it is stored for reference by all researchers. However, it should be presented as a read only source material, so that folks are not tempted to correct errors in such sources. For some historical figures, there are multiple theories of who the parents were etc, and the gedcoms reflect such conflicting information.
  • representation as an info page
    • Case: When Bot is told certainly which article the individual ID corresponds to.
      • Conservative: Load info page table, only update fields that are blank.
      • Liberal: Overlay any fields with new values
      • Middle: Add an alternate value field to an mirror info page whose sole purpose is to store alternates.
  • Issue: what is the global scheme for handling alternate theories for an individual?

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